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Ryan Pankau/UI Extension

Bush honeysuckle is a non-native, invasive shrub that has many detrimental effects on native flora and fauna. It is highly visible in Illinois woodlands right now since it retains green leaves much longer than most native plants.

Nearly every deciduous plant in the Illinois landscape has lost it leaves for the year, except for one standout. The non-native, invasive shrubs collectively referred to as bush honeysuckle (Lonicera spp.) have not quite lost theirs yet, which makes them really noticeable this time of year. Its just about the only thing green that’s left in forests.

Now is a great time to remove this plant from your property because it is so noticeable, occurring in woodlands and landscape settings alike. Its easy to see exactly where the work lies, and cut-stump herbicide treatments (which are nearly a must for complete control of mature plants) are more effective at this time of year due to the plant process at play right now.

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