Shawn Swartzentruber’s third hour manufacturing class at Hoopeston Area High School is giving students a lesson in how to run a business.

Students are tasked with manufacturing and selling a variety of items to district residents throughout the holiday season.

Class member Grant Morgan said the class is basically set up let students experience what it’s like to run a small business.

He said students make several different items featuring Hoopeston Area logos and colors.

These items include: cornhole boards, coasters, ornaments, signs, cutting boards and tissue box covers.

Morgan said students will go to a couple of different events around the school district to sell their wares.

He said they will be at the Middle School Christmas Concert, a few basketball games and they also plan on taking order forms around town to see if anyone is interested in purchasing their items.

“We make everything out in the wood shop and just go around to try and sell it,” he said.

Morgan talked about some of the work that goes into making the items.

He said the ornaments don’t take much time to make since it just involves getting the pieces cut then engraving them.

“Something like the cornhole boards take a little more time because you have to cut all the plywood down to size,” he said. “You have to cut your wood down to size and get it all assembles then you have to stain it and put the logos on. It takes a good amount of time sometimes.”

Morgan said they have just started taking orders and they’re in the process of taking their order forms around so people can pick out anything their interested in.

He said the class has around 12 students in it.

Asked what he feels he’s learning from being a part of the class, Morgan said he’s learning the logistics of prices on materials.

“You learn how much the wood costs and how much we’ll be able to sell it for,” he said.

Morgan also credits the class for teaching him how to use tools he never thought he’d be able to use when he first started the class.

“It also helps because I’ve learned how to use tools that if you told me when I first started this class two years ago, I’d have never thought I’d be able to do,” he said.

The cost of the items the manufacturing class students are selling are as follows: tissue box covers are $15 and come in either square or rectangular shapes; cutting boards are $30 for a large that includes a juice groove (15.5” x 20”) or $20 for a small (sizes vary); ornaments are one for $2 or a set of six for $10; cornhole boards are $100 with the Jerky logo or $80 without the logo; a set of four coasters is $10; and engraved name signs (10” x 24”) are $30 and come in maple or walnut and the engraving can be in black or white.

All orders must be in by Dec. 3.

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