DANVILLE, IL.- The Danville Library Foundation, will finally see the return of the Used Book Sale Thursday August 5-7.The hours are still being fine-tuned as it will be part of a much larger week of events, anchored by the Library’s anticipated “Kai-Con” weekend. “The last scheduled book sale, set for March, was canceled by COVID; literally that week” states Executive Director, Peter Blackmon. “We struggled with the question of its return for quite some time while the inventory continued to grow. We decided to do something bigger than we’ve done in the past.” The Sale intends to take place on the front lawn of the Library under a tent; within which, other events will be held. The pricing on books is also proposing to change; asking for donations in lieu of fixed pricing. “Whatever you feel is a fair donation for the books you take, that’s the price.” Blackmon adds.

The book sale will also be open for private events on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The Library and the Foundation are partnering on these events and more as follows:

Tuesday, August 3: The Library and Foundation will play host to the Danville Dans Baseball game; inviting staff, donors,

volunteers and patrons of the Library to attend as their guests. Tickets for game can be picked up at the Library

during normal business hours.

Wednesday, August 4: The Library and Foundation will partner with Vermilion Advantage in hosting the August

Business After Hours. Current and prospective members of Vermilion Advantage as well as friends of the

Library and Foundation pay $5 for food and beverage. Live entertainment will take place on the stage and guests

will be encouraged to go on guided tours of the Library. Thursday, August 5: Donor & Volunteer Reception

Again, the two entities will have a light reception recognizing their donors and volunteers. Food, beverage and

live music will set the background to a short program discussing the future of both organizations.

The week will then turn over to the Library’s “Kai-Con” event (a comic-con event based on the 80s “Karate Kid” movies and its current counterpart “Cobra Kai” on Netflix. Details to come from the Library ASAP. Other events in the downtown are also planned for that weekend in conjunction. People interested in volunteering, attending or simply ask questions cant contact Director Peter Blackmon at (217)477-5220 Ext 114.

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