Here is your chance to give your opinion on the Covid-19 vaccine and Mandates.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 6 to 8 PM, at the David Palmer Arena in Danville.

Structured as a "Town Hall", and open to the general public at no entrance fee, you can make your opinion be heard and listen to other people's reasons for their beliefs.

Each speaker must be recognized by the M.C. and will have 2 1/2 minutes to give their opinion. We ask that your remarks be only about yourself or your family and how you have been affected by it, and that you allow others their time also.

There to listen to your concerns and field your questions will be Illinois Representative Mike Marron; a representative from the office of Congresswoman Mary Miller; Vermilion County Health Department Administrator Doug Toole; and Westville Mayor Mike Weese. Area doctors, hospital directors and other officials have been invited. Some have responded and other have not yet.

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"The hope of this Listening Session is to allow both sides (pro and con), regarding the Covid-19 Vaccine and/or Mask Mandate, to listen to each other, and to bring our community together in harmony by recognizing the Good Will of each side." Fr. Timothy Sauppe` emphasized.

Fr. Sauppe` continued, "I want to make it clear, that the Catholic Diocese of Peoria and my Parish of St. Mary's has no part in the sponsorship of this Session. This is a private pastoral endeavor to bring our community together. I personally have organized this event and paid for the radio ads."

The Governor's Mask Mandate will be required of all of those in attendance.

A free raffle will take place, at the end of this Session, for two tickets (or cash equivalent) to "Kevin Costner & The Modern West" on October 27th at the Palmer Arena - Forward Center Section. Must be present to win.

Any questions can be directed to Fr. Timothy Sauppe` at 217-267-3334.

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