Five local young women competed for the crown of Miss Hoopeston Saturday at the Lorraine Theatre.

The contestants were: Macy Hayes, Kayla Goble, Ara Bekkering, Lexie Breymeyer and Halie Selsor.

The contestants were asked to answer a few questions on-stage before the evening gown and judging portion of the contest.

Prior to the results being announced, outgoing Miss Hoopeston, Asti Scharlach, who has served as Miss Hoopeston for the past two years due to the pandemic, provided her farewell speech. Video of the speech is available at

When the results were read Selsor was named Miss Congeniality by her fellow contestants while Breymeyer was the People’s Choice Award winner. Hayes was first runner-up.

Breymeyer was crowned Miss Hoopeston 2022.

During one of her on-stage answers, in response to being asked what community meant to her, Breymeyer spoke about the importance the Hoopeston Area School District mascot, “Jerky.”

“Our beloved mascot is a staple of this town and loved by everyone,” she said. “But he’s not just a representation of our school, but our community as a whole. Wherever he goes, he brings this small town together. Whether it’s a sporting event, the National Sweetcorn Festival, or any town event, he represents what this small town means to us and that’s genuine people, adaptive minds, a growing family and a place to call home. The Cornjerker symbolizes so much more, but to me it is home. It’s my family.”

During her second on-stage question, Breymeyer was asked how the Hoopeston community has changed her as a person.

“They have done so much for me,” she said. “I have had hardships in Hoopeston, but they’ve taught me so much that. It’s taught me diversity. It’s taught me to overcome the challenges. So I just want to give back what the community gave to me.”

Breymeyer spoke with The Chronicle after being crowned Miss Hoopeston about what it felt like to be crowned Miss Hoopeston and what her plans were for her year wearing the crown.

“It was awesome. I was so happy and genuinely filled with so much joy,” Breymeyer said when asked how she felt after winning.

Breymeyer said she was inspired to run for Miss Hoopeston this year because she felt like it would be a great experience.

“You learn so much,” she said. “Your people skills, your communication skills, your public talking, all that is just improved. And I think it’s just awesome to be a role model for little girls in the community.”

Breymeyer is good friends with Miss Hoopeston 2018 Lauren Linares, so that gave her a good idea of what being Miss Hoopeston would be like.

A major part of being Miss Hoopeston is serving as host for National Sweetheart Pageant contestants each year.

Breymeyer has plenty of experience with the pageant since her family has been a host for two or three contestants each year for the past seven or eight years.

“It is awesome,” she said. “It’s like having three big sisters for the week. And it’s probably one of my favorite times of the year.”

When asked what her favorite part of the National Sweetcorn Festival is each year, Breymeyer said it’s the pageant.

“Easily the pageant, I love anything to do with the pageant,” she said.

Asked if there’s anything she’s really looking forward to doing during her reign as Miss Hoopeston, Breymeyer said she was looking forward to all of it.

Breymeyer said she is looking forward to traveling to visit county fairs and other events around the region.

“I love traveling, that’s one of my favorite things to do,” she said.

Breymeyer is the daughter of Lisa and Brock Breymeyer, of Rankin.

She is a freshman at the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign where she’s majoring in biology with the hopes of going into the medical field.

Bremeyer is active within her sorority and likes to spend her time hanging out with family and friends. She also enjoys reading.

Breymeyer said she is very passionate about mental health and she has adopted that as her platform as Miss Hoopeston.

“My platform is mental health awareness, that is something I’m very passionate about,” she said.

Breymeyer concluded the interview by thanking the community.

“I just want to say thank you to the community and everyone,” she said.

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