To the Editor, The Chronicle

The announcement that the Hoopeston Swimming Pool would be closed for another season is a great disappointment to me personally and to many in our community. The pool, which in recent years had been especially well maintained by members of the water and park departments, is one of the major assets that our community has to offer its citizens, both young and old.

The statement that many families have their own pool leading to less usage over the years does not address the fact that many families do not have their own pool. Closing the city pool is denying those families and children many days of enjoyment and summer fun. I believe there should be a real discussion between the City Council and interested residents as to reopening the pool. Contrary to Council comments, Hoopeston does have both adults and students ready to manage and staff the pool as soon as the school year ends.

Milford, a much smaller community, was able to keep their pool open last summer, and are already working toward their opening day in 2021. In this time of reopening our city and state, what better time to reopen the Hoopeston city pool for all to enjoy.

Jane Archer


March 31, 2021

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