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Name: Morgan Stevens

Grade: 4

What hobbies do you have other than reading? I enjoy swimming, dancing, and hanging out with friends.

What school / community activities have you participated in? I am in the Cadet Band at John Greer, playing the clarinet. I also take dance lessons.

What is your favorite book ever? Redeemed by Margaret Peterson Haddix

What is your favorite book series? The Missing Series by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Where is your favorite place to read? My favorite place to read is at my desk in my room.

Why do you read so much? Reading helps me in life. In order to do almost everything, you have to read. Just take bill paying or directions on how to get somewhere, you have to be able to read. Reading is so fun as I visualize what’s happening.

What would the world be like if no one read books? The world would be hard to live in because if we didn’t have something to read then we wouldn’t be able to get what we need and want. Almost any product you want to purchase, you need to be able to read about it.

What are your future life goals? I want to be a 4th grade math and science teacher.

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