Facts about D.A.R.E.

By Libby Lugo

In this essay I will be talking about what D.A.R.E. is all about, what all the letters in D.A.R.E. stand for and how to make the best choices. I learned all of this information from the D.A.R.E. officer Deputy Miller. D.A.R.E. is fun and sometimes you get to watch videos about kids who have a problem and you have to figure out how to help them and help solve their problem. D.A.R.E. also teaches you about some consequences when you take drugs and sometimes the consequences can be quite scary. I hope you enjoy these facts about D.A.R.E.

What D.A.R.E. is about

D.A.R.E is learning about drugs and what effects they can have on you.

It is also about staying away from them and from people who try to get you to use them.

D.A.R.E is very informational and important so that you can make good decisions and not ones that you’ll regret later on. There are also different things you learn in D.A.R.E. like bullying, risks, and responsibility. You can also learn about different situations and how to respond to them.

What the letters in D.A.R.E stands for

The D in D.A.R.E. stands for Drugs like Tobacco, cigarettes,and alcohol. These things are very dangerous and slow down your body and cause yellow teeth,bad breath, and it can change with how your brain works.

The A stands for Abuse. Drug abuse can hurt people and families. It can take over someone’s life and control how they act and what they say and do. The R stands for Resistance. If someone is trying to get you to do drugs with them you need to learn how to say no to them confidently so they can know you will not do drugs and they will not ask again.And the E stands for Education.

D.A.R.E. is an Educational lesson on why not to do drugs and to stay away from people who do them because they will be a bad influence on you and your choices. All the letters in D.A.R.E. will help you know all the things that can happen when someone uses drugs and what you’ll learn in D.A.R.E.

How to make the best choices.

Don’t listen to people who do drugs. Even if they are your friends. Don’t go to places or parties if there is alcohol, and if you do you should just bring a water bottle. Don’t smoke a cigarette even if you say you won’t do it again you will not stop because all drugs have a thing in them

called nicotine and that makes you take the drug again and again. Say no to anybody who tries to get you to take any drug. After you say no to someone try to get them to stop taking that drug.

In this essay I talked about what D.A.R.E. is all about, what the letters in D.A.R.E. stand for, and how to make the best choices. After reading this essay I hope you know not to do drugs.

If you are doing drugs I hope you will decide to stop doing them. I hope you enjoyed listening to all of these facts. Thanks to Deputy Miller for teaching me all of these things and you for listening to this essay.


By Bella Layden

Hi, I’m Bella and I am going to tell you about DARE. DARE is a program about drugs and smoking. Drugs can kill you so you don’t want to do them. The DARE officer’s name is Deputy Miller. In this paper I will be talking about drugs, how DARE will educate you and how to resist drugs.

Drugs can affect your body and your mind. There are so many kinds of drugs like tobacco and marijuana and that is not even all of them. You can kill yourself by drug overdose if you have to many. If you smoke too much you can get lung cancer. I really hope you consider not doing drugs.

You really need to be educated on this, is why deputy miller is so amazing.

Drinking, drugs, smoking any kind of stuff like that can really affect you and how people see you and how you see yourself. There are a few types of cancer it can give you like lung cancer. You can get that from smoking. There are consequences to doing drugs to like brain damage and cancer.

If someone tries to offer you drugs say no and say it confidently so they can’t pressure you into doing them. If they start to do drugs right in front of you try and convince them not to do drugs either. If that doesn’t work go tell someone like their mom or dad. And remember never say yes. Because it could really hurt you and your loved ones.

Thank you for listening and a special thanks to Deputy Miller for teaching me all about drugs and what it can do to you. My favorite thing that we learned about in DARE is how to say no because if someone offers you drugs you can say no and never try them. DARE was a really fun and educational experience. I really hope you like DARE too.


By Autumn Linares

This past year Deputy Miller taught us all about these Drugs He taught us about drinking and driving, good behavior, and other drugs too. I learned a lot from him.

He taught us about drinking and driving. I Learned a lot of things about drugs and drinking and driving. You are only allowed to drink alcohol if you are 21. Mixing alcohol with medicine is dangerous. Alcohol affects your vision, gives you poor judgement, memory loss, and it makes you lose self-control. It also slows our reflexes.

Deputy Miller taught us about being good. He talked to us about peer pressure. He helped to make good decisions. He told us we s,hould walk away if someone is trying to make you smoke something.

He said that drugs are very bad and he said that drugs can rot your teeth out and make your body sick. He talked about tobacco too. Tobacco can yellow your teeth and cause bad breath. It can also dry out your skin and cause wrinkles. Smoking can cause heart disease. Tobacco also reduces the amount of blood that goes to your brain.

Tobacco is a type of drug and can be very addictive, just like other drugs.

I like Deputy Miller because he discusses all the real reasons not to do bad things like drugs or alcohol. He tries to make us better. Thank you for teaching our class.

DARE Essay

By Mason Swartz

Deputy Miller is my DARE officer and he comes into my classroom every Wednesday. He has taught us a bunch of things about how to be responsible people. Dare has helped us learn how to be more respectful and responsible.

DARE has also taught us how to handle tough situations. DARE has been really fun this year. There are three main things that I learned in DARE. I learned about pressure, stress, risks and a bunch of other stuff.

Pressure is a force or an influence that acts on you to do something. I learned in DARE that pressure is hard to resist. Pressure will come with positive or negative consequences. Pressure could come in many different ways. Some may be really hard to deal with. But, in DARE we learned ways on how to deal with pressure. Some ways to deal with pressure are to walk away from the problem, Tell that person that is pressuring you no right away, and you could take some deep breaths and tell somebody about the problem. DARE has helped me stay away from these pressure situations and what to do when it happens.

Stress is any strain, pressure, or excitement felt about a situation or event.

We learned signs of stress in DARE. Some signs to tell that someone may be stressed would be if they are crying, yelling, not being themselves, and being rude to others. Some ways I have learned in DARE to stay away from stress would be to not get into those situations in the first place. But if you do get into those situations there are some ways to relieve your stress. You could get a stress ball and squeeze it, you could take some deep breaths to relax yourself, and you could draw to get your mind off of stress. I have experienced stress before and it was a tough experience because I had so many thoughts going through my mind.

Risk means taking a chance. In DARE we learned that taking a risk could possibly come with consequences. When you take a risk you don’t really want anybody to know about it because if they do then you could get in trouble possibly. A way to stay away from risky situations is go with what your gut says if you feel eerie on the inside then don’t take the risk. I have taken a risk before from experience my gut had a weird feeling because I felt eerie about the situation. I regretted my situation because it ended with a consequence. I’m glad that DARE has helped me learn how to stay away from those risky situations. And if we do get into those situations we learned how to get out of them as well.

I have learned so much on how to stay away from these situations in DARE. I had a really fun time with DARE this year. I am so glad that I was able to participate in DARE. I am a little sad that DARE is over because I enjoyed our time with Deputy Miller learning about these topics. DARE has helped me learn how to say no to drugs, cigarettes, and tobacco. I think that DARE has also helped me out with what to do in tricky situations of risk, pressure, and stress. I appreciate everything that Deputy Miller has done for us and taking time out of his busy schedule for us.

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