There’s a literary legend that Ernest Hemingway once bet a group of fellow writers he could write a story in just six words. They bet he couldn’t. Hemingway grabbed a napkin and wrote: “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.” His friends paid up. And Hemingway called it his best work ever. Now it’s your turn!

To celebrate National Library Week, the Hoopeston Public Library is holding a Six Word Story Contest for kids (third grade and up), teens and adults. The number of prizes will be based on the number of entries.


- A 6-word story should provide a movement of conflict, action and resolution that gives the sense of a complete story transpiring in a moment’s reading.

- Limit of two stories per contestant.

- Entries must be received at the library by Thursday, April 1. By entering, you give HPL the right to post your story in the library and on social media. (Names won’t be posted.)

Submit your stories in-person, by email to: or send a Facebook message. Please include your full name, age/grade (if under 18) and a contact phone number or email address.

Entries can also be dropped off at the library. Include name and contact info.

Hoopeston Public Library 110 N. 4th St. Hoopeston IL 60942 217-283-6711.

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