Mayor Bill Crusinberry provided a detailed update on various projects and initiatives within the city during his “state of the city” report at last week’s Hoopeston City Council meeting.

Crusinberry announced the city had received a $125,000 state grant aimed at addressing property demolition and rehabilitations.

He said multiple residential properties have been identified that the grant can be used to address.

Crusinberry said Central Illinois Land Bank Director Mike Davis helped Hoopeston apply for the grant.

The land bank also received a $125,000 grant aimed at addressing properties in the multiple small communities it represents.

Crusinberry also announced the city had received a $400,000 water and sewer grant. The grant will be used to install new water main on Market from Penn to Honeywell and address a sanitary sewer line between Washington and Lincoln from Sixth Street to Euclid.

Crusinbery also addressed the state of several economic development projects in Hoopeston.

He assured the council that plans for the Casey’s truck stop at the intersection of Routes 1 and 9 is still in the works.

Crusinberry said now that Subway has moved into its new facility at the same intersection the former Subway location can be demolished and the truck stop project can move forward.

Crusinberry said he had received an email from the project’s architect informing him that the project is moving forward and was in the process of obtaining building permits.

Crusinberry also provided an update on some possible expansions for some existing local businesses.

He said Monical’s is looking to expand its parking lot space. He said they are looking at ways to prevent drainage issues that may arise from the expansion.

Crusinberry said Silgan Containers and Teasdale Foods are considering expansion projects. He said Silgan is considering expanding its lines while Teasdale hopes to building a new dock to handle increased traffic.

Crusinberry said work has been underway at the Downtown Motel and the owner has been working with the city on several aspects of the project.

Crusinberry also took time to address the state of several vacant and dilapidated properties in the city.

After waiting for the owner to take action for some time, Crusinberry announced that he would ask the city attorney, Dave Wesner, to ask the city’s hearing officer to impose daily fines on the owner of the Bzzz’s Bar building until the building is addressed.

He said he would ask that daily fines also be imposed on the owner of the former Countryside Mall building.

Bzzz’s Bar was severely damaged in a fire in March 2019 while a section of the roof on the Countryside Mall building collapsed late last year. Both buildings have been cordoned off for some time.

Crusinberry said the fines will be waived if the buildings are addressed within 30 days of the fines being imposed.

In other business:

- Alderman Carl Ankenbrand suggested the council meet in a committee of the whole session to go through the International Property Maintenance Code.

The council is considering adopting elements of the code and plans to pare down those of elements of the code that won’t be needed in the city.

The council planned on meeting at 7 p.m. to review the code.

Crusinberry expects that will take a few meetings to go through the entire code.

- Alderman Jeff Wise announced that the city had received the street signs for Lincoln Street that will be aimed at preventing semi drivers from trying to drive down the street to reach Teasdale.

Wise expected the signs would be installed the day after the council meeting.

- The council approved a 5-0 request from Alderman Bill Goodwine to open a checking account for the Hoopeston Historical Preservation Commission. The commission is raising funds for the city’s sesquicentennial celebration.

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