Editor’s Note: The following reports appeared in the first edition of the Cornjerker Times, a publication produced by Hoopeston Area Middle School, and were written by student reporters. Read more on pages 7 and 10.

Softball team swings for the fence

By Trenton Montez

The Hoopeston Area Middle School softball team had an amazing season this year, finishing with a stunning record of 7-4.

HAMS softball coach Mrs. Pratt said she is very proud of them because of all of their hard work and dedication. She also is proud of how they manage their attitudes and trust their teammates.

The one thing Mrs. Pratt has always told the girls is, “Never give up, girls.” It may not be many words, but they could touch somebody’s heart.

Mrs. Pratt has been coaching for five years. She said there are no certain key players and that they are a team.

The season started the second week of August this year. The team has come a long way on the basic mechanics of softball. They also have learned discipline and how to work as a team.

The team worked on having a positive mindset and strived to be above .500 for their season record, and they met that goal. This season, the team did their best, despite the current COVID situation. They never gave up on themselves.

The HAMS softball team was very happy to have a season this year. At the beginning of the school year, it was unknown if school sports were going to happen.

The IHSA went back and forth with their decisions on school sports. After much discussion the IHSA came up with a list of guidelines for everyone, which included wearing a mask and staying 6 feet apart.

Some sports had to be pushed back, while others got lucky enough to play, as long as they could practice social distancing and stay safe.

The HAMS softball team did a great job at following the guidelines that were set in place. They did their best with the conditions they were given.

Baseball builds great year

By Maddie Barnes

The Hoopeston Area Middle School baseball team had an overall conference record of 8-2, with a season record of 8-4. They had a lot of dedication and strove to win and represent HAMS.

While playing they never gave up, never got down on themselves, and worked as a team and how a team should work together, said Hoopeston Area Middle School Baseball Team Coach Harbacek.

The team’s biggest win was against Oakwood with the score of 2-0. Harbacek said during the season, major leaders were Gavin Walder and Dylan Judy. Walder and Judy spoke up when needed and helped and improved players when on and off the field.

The team had good discipline, and knew not to give attitude, said Coach Harbacek.

The team practiced every day for two hours, five days a week. Nobody gave up; and they worked on techniques and drills. Not every practice was just work, they also had fun too.

They always had these quotes in their head: “seize the moment” and “nobody better.” Coach Harbacek always told them, “Nobody better,” as they were up at the plate or on the field.

Their leading pitcher was Walder, who pitched 33.2 innings and had 45 strikeouts and an ERA of 1.46. Walder also had the best batting average of .500 followed by Judy with the batting average of .406, and Cole Miller with the batting average of .400.

Coach Harbacek said he and the three assistant coaches always provided something new to learn and do.

Their season ended on Tuesday, Sept. 22. They were seeded #2 in IESA regionals and took a tough loss against Bismarck with the score of 5-0.

Day after day, practice after practice, they became a great and hardworking team. Overall, the boys had an amazing season, never gave up and kept on working! Coach Harbacek can’t wait to see what next year brings to the Hoopeston Area Middle School baseball team!

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