Logo Choice Pic 1.jpg

The image, designed by Ann Wallace Atwell, chosen to serve as the City of Hoopeston’s Sesquicentennial Celebration logo.

The City of Hoopeston Historic Preservation Commission has chosen a logo submitted during its logo contest for Hoopeston’s Sesquicentennial celebration.

The commission received 10 submissions from the community, and it was a tough decision made by the commissioners.

The commissioners chose a submission from former resident Ann Wallace Atwell based on an idea she first conceived during the 1971 Centennial Celebration.

Atwell sketched out a logo and theme based around “Created at the Crossroads” owing to Hoopeston’s railroad heritage.

This logo and theme will be used throughout the year at various events leading up to a weeklong of events beginning June 27 and culminating with the fireworks display on July 3.

The commission will be releasing a full slate of events soon.

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