• Editor’s Note: The following story appeared in the November edition of the Cornjerker Times, a monthly publication produced by Hoopeston Area Middle School students.

Remote learning is a struggle for many students and there are many

Statistics showing that. Since Coronavirus has happened, most schools have moved to some form of remote learning.

To celebrate those going above and beyond, Hoopeston Area Middle School (HAMS) has begun a Remote Learner of the Week. This will encourage

students to work harder and keep up on their remote work, said HAMS Principal Mrs. White.

Teachers are voting for a student who has done well and kept up on all of their remote work. Students will receive a yard sign with their name on it, specially designed for them. They will also have a picture taken with their sign and it will be posted on the school website. The voting will take place each Wednesday, and students will be notified of the winners each Friday. Students will be selected based on their attendance to Google Meets and how well they keep up with their remote learning.

The first round of winners are as follows: 6” grader Owen Field; 7th grader Parker Watson; and 8th grader Bella Weber.

Mrs. White said this recognition may give an incentive to students, because she knows it’s hard to learn without a teacher and with so many distractions. Therefore, HAMS wants to recognize the students that are continuing to work hard and keep up on their work

Mrs. White said remote learning is hard. According to Goodwine University, only 1 in every 4 students claim they learn better in online school. Therefore, many students learn better and focus better in traditional, in-person school.

The Washington Post stated students follow news about the Coronavirus, and it may be stressing them out even more than they already are, along with other things when they’re at home. Therefore, this should be a desired reward for students and may encourage them to continue to keep up on their work and work hard, as usual, given these odd circumstances.

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