• Editor’s Note: The following stories appeared in the November edition of the Cornjerker Times, a monthly publication produced by Hoopeston Area Middle School students.

HAMS Celebrates Hard Work

By Daizy Robinson

Fun was had, after a hard year at work. A PBIS celebration last week included BINGO, prizes, and fun!

“I think this will be fun for everyone because we have had to work extra hard since August to get all of our work done,” said Mrs. White, HAMS principal.

HAMS 8th grader, Kennedy Lind, said she believed it was a good reward.

“I think it was a fun break from all of the work that we have had,” Lind said.

Mrs. White said, “Students remained in the classrooms as we played a schoolwide BINGO game, and we announced the numbers over the intercom. If a student received a BINGO, the teachers reported it to the office.”

The HAMS faculty were hard at work planning this celebration.

Spellers are Ready to Spell!

By Kennedy Lind

HAMS outstanding spellers are ready to compete with the best on this year’s HAMS Spelling Team.

Spelling team tryouts were held on Monday, Nov. 2, and this year’s spelling team members include Landen Douglass, Emma Vines, Daizy Robinson, Ashton Zorns, Taylor Page, Heidi Walder, Mason Heywood, Addison McFadden, Kennedy Lind, and Sela Berglund.

Ms. Romig, HAMS spelling team coach, said the team has been very successful the past couple of years, with placing 1st in county in 2019 and 2nd in county in 2020.

“I hope to continue the good work this year,” said Ms. Romig.

Ms. Romig has always enjoyed spelling, but her school only had individual spelling.

She wanted to have more opportunities for students to be able to put their abilities to the test by making a team.

Best of luck this year, HAMS spelling team!

Student Council Does Good Work

By Trenton Montez

Student council helps represent the school in a positive way, and helps the students to be involved.

On Nov. 6, HAMS student council sponsored spirit day, and the teachers decided who has the most Cornjerker spirit. Students dressed up in their best Cornjerker gear and showed their true Cornjerker spirit.

Things are different this year because of COVID. Student council usually goes to Autumn Fields to decorate for Christmas, but COVID has prevented that.

The student council also was not able to have an in-person meeting until Nov. 10.

HAMS Student Council co-advisor, Mrs. Hiltz said, “One thing so important about student council is student of the month. I think it is good to recognize students for good behavior and grades.”

Student council will continue to serve the school by decorating for the holidays and upcoming games, and will ask teachers and students to decorate doors in celebration, too.

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