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“Sounds of Summer,” a “Beach Boys” tribute band, will perform at the Lorraine Theatre at 7 p.m. Oct. 26 in Hoopeston.

The Lorraine Theatre will host “Sounds of Summer: A Beach Boys Tribute” Oct. 26 at 7 p.m.

“Sounds of Summer” is a tribute show that includes more than 30 familiar hits and tells the story of America’s band the “Beach Boys.”

These four incredibly talented guys have known each other since grade school and shared a love of 1960’s music and “Beach Boys’” harmonies. The band has been playing across the nation since 2015, delivering audiences an authentic look and sound, taking them back to memories of the 1960s.

Matt Hurley, who plays guitar/bass for the band, recently spoke The Chronicle about this weekend’s performance.

Hurley said the group offers many of the “Beach Boys” original classic hits along with some of the famous songs the “Beach Boys” did covers of during their careers.

“Everything in our show, except for one song, has been covered or recorded by the ‘The Beach Boys,’” he said. “Every ‘Beach Boys’ song most people have heard will be played.”

Since the selections are so short, Hurley said, the band generally performs 30-40 songs over the course of the two-hour show, focusing on the classics but throwing in some of the more obscure “Beach Boys” songs that hardcore “Beach Boys” fans will appreciate.

“It gives everybody a chance to enjoy their favorites,” he said.

During the concert, Hurley said, band members dress up in an early 60’s “Beach Boys”-inspired look and try to transport concert-goers back to the hey days of “The Beach Boys” popularity.

“Sounds of Summer” has been performing since 2015 with the group undergoing a membership change in 2018 when Hurley joined them.

“It’s been a fun experience for everybody,” he said.

Hurley said the band is composed of two sets of cousins who have shared a love of music for their entire lives.

“Growing up, we all played music together,” he said. “My cousin and I learned to sing harmony listening to ‘The Everly Brothers,’ ‘The Beatles,’ and ‘The Beach Boys.’ At some point in our musical childhoods, we all got turned on to ‘The Beach Boys’ and a lot of it has to do with the vocal harmonies.”

Hurley said the harmonies of “The Beach Boys” had a kind of biological quality to them that felt like a “family harmony” so that helped bring the group together as a band later on in life.

When they opted to become a tribute band, Hurley said, they first considered focusing on “The Beatles” but found there were thousands of other groups doing the same thing and the market was over-saturated.

Instead, he said, the group decided to focus on the works of “The Beach Boys” as they found it suited their interests and talents.

“We felt like it fit our style, it fit our skill set as far as harmonies,” he said. “And it was a unique product we could give people.”

Asked if there are any particular songs that concert-goers generally respond the best to, Hurley listed some of “The Beach Boys” classic songs as big hits with audiences.

“People really seem to love ‘Barbara Ann,’ ‘Surfin’ USA’ is always a big hit,” he said. “‘Good Vibrations’ is always a big one. There are several that, when you hit that first guitar chord that people immediately recognize and get excited about.”

Hurley is looking forward to performing at the Lorraine Theater.

“It’s always fun to do a theater show,” he said. “There’s more of an opportunity to connect with people. The theater scenes are fun for us because we get to talk back and forth with the audience. We’re really excited to come and play at the theater.”

Tickets for the “Sounds of Summer” concert are $28 pre-sale and $30 at the door. Online ticket orders are available at