As guys race through life, many of us forget to make a pit stop and properly fuel our bodies. Fast food and microwave meals become routine, and our cooking skills get rusty.

Rebecca Williamson, a registered dietitian at IRMC, has spent much of her career making sure folks eat so their hearts are healthier. As with most things in life, moderation is the key. But there’s more to keep in mind.

Whether you like to graze all day at the office or eat simply out of boredom, it can be tough to make healthy snack choices when you’re sitting at a desk, especially if you’re limited to a potato chip-filled vending machine, a co-worker’s candy jar or a nearby fast food restaurant.

The freezer section is a grocery store favorite — from frozen dinners to frosty desserts, it’s brimming with quick, affordable and delicious items. However, for some, consuming frozen products that contain dairy can lead to stomach issues and discomfort. For those who try to cut out ice cream and other cheesy entrees, don’t let that stop you from stocking up on microwave-ready delights while grocery shopping. We’ve rounded up some non-dairy and low-dairy favorites.

Let’s be honest. It’s easier to eat healthy when there are loads of delicious, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables available. In Ontario County, that kind of choice is only available for half the year. During the throes of winter, when sunshine is a rare commodity and warmer temperatures exist only in dreams, accessing fresh produce can be challenging.

The dilemma is all too familiar: It’s Monday morning, and you walk into your office to see someone has left a big box of donuts in the break room. Then, your coworker tells you there will be cake later, for yet another birthday celebration.

It’s often said that we are what we eat, but most of us never stop to consider how this truism extends well beyond our waking hours. Does what we eat affect our sleep? Does our sleep affect what we eat? The answer is an emphatic “yes” on both counts, according to registered dietitian Sara McQueen, of Grove City Medical Center.

More manufacturers are embracing plant-based alternatives over synthetic food coloring, but experts question whether synthetic food coloring is harmful.

Salads don’t have to be boring! Check out these salad recipes that will satisfy your cravings and have you looking forward to lunchtime salads.

Revamp your approach to dessert for healthier options that will quench your cravings for sweets without breaking your calorie bank.

In honor of National Mediterranean Diet Month in May, dine on delicious, fresh foods inspired by this heart-healthy diet.

Learn about the health benefits of spicing up your food, and get zingy recipes that will delight your palate.

We are approaching what are probably the most common “cheat” eating days—the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. By planning ahead and following a few simple tips, you can resist overindulging during the holidays, and beyond.

Maybe it’s chocolate. Or potato chips. Is it ice cream? It doesn’t matter what you crave, but it’s how you deal with cravings that’s fundamental to your health. Caving to a craving can derail even the most dedicated dieter, but avoiding them doesn’t have to be torture.

The holidays are a time to treat ourselves with the warmth of hearth and home, trinkets to delight us, and our favorite celebration foods. Unfortunately, holiday meals usually pack more flavor than nutrition.