The Indiana Healthcare Foundation supports Indiana Regional Medical Center on their journey to remain an independent, community hospital. The Foundation hosts fundraising events and campaigns, while also providing a way for our community to give donations in support of better health care right here in our own back yard. The Foundation takes great care with every donation and treats each gift as just that: something to be cherished.

Spring is in the air, and as the sun rises higher in the sky and the landscape thaws, it is time to get back outdoors. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, canoeing or simply going for a pleasant stroll, Armstrong and Indiana counties have great places you can spend time outside and away from the hustle and bustle of your regular everyday routine.

There are plenty of cliches and puns about vision, including “the eyes are the window to the soul,” “a sight for sore eyes” and even “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But eyesight is certainly no laughing matter.

When one envisions a U.S National Park, their thoughts may take them west to Yosemite in California; Yellowstone in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho; or Rocky Mountain in Colorado. Those three are among the most popular national parks in the United States, but one does not need to travel across the country to observe the natural beauty, geological features and unique ecosystems, or to experience the numerous recreational opportunities a national park offers.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Bucks and Montgomery County Schools Health Care Consortium Community Health magazine. On behalf of Vice Chairperson Rebecca Malamis and myself, we hope that you find this publication interesting and insightful as together we focus upon wellness and healthy living.

Tracking heart rate and steps has been a major component of fitness trends throughout the years, especially in today’s world of Fitbits, smart watches, and step counters automatically programmed onto our phones. However, this trend has appeared to lie mostly with the adult crowd.

It takes years of intense data-driven research before an experimental therapy or medical device is commercially available. Before these treatments hit the market they must be vetted through clinical trials.

Spring and summer are on the horizon, and that means people are going to be making their way back outside and be under the sun more frequently. Just like the skin, the eyes can be as vulnerable to damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The eyes are often overlooked when people think of UV protection. Here’s what you need to know about how to keep your sight safe the next time you’re catching some rays at the beach, out for a run-in park, or just about anywhere.

3.196 billion. That’s the number of social media users worldwide in 2018, which is up 13% according to The Global Digital Report. In today's culture of #followforfollow and #life4like it's as important as ever to interrupt the mindless scrolling and look up. Social media, which was designed as a tool for connection, has become a replacement.

Do you toss and turn at night? Do you often wake up feeling groggy and not quite ready to start your day. It could be your sleep environment; everything from the noise — or lack thereof — to décor, room temperature and the quality of your mattress could be disrupting your precious sleep time.