It can sometimes be difficult to get kids outdoors for exercise when the weather is harsh, says Jennifer Jewell, a physical therapist in Jefferson Township. That’s one of the main reasons she enrolled her three children in the iXL Rehab, Exercise and Wellness Center’s Excel Sports Performance youth camp.

It seems like we insure everything in our lives — our homes, cars and lives. But what about our pets? Pet insurance is still relatively new in the United States, but the industry is already bigger than you might think.

What makes for a productive career in the tech sector? A stellar background of academic excellence? A keen eye for even the most intricate details while completing projects? Unwavering standards of excellence in how one approaches work? An ability to forego short-term rewards or distractions in favor of the pursuit of a larger overarching goal? All of the above?

Discussing mental health has become less taboo in modern culture than it used to be before, and that openness is now also crossing over into the workplace. However, many organizations still seem to be falling behind on this trend. From unrealistic, demanding deadlines to heavy workloads and long hours to even shifting performance priorities, there’s often never a shortage of stress at work.

As temperatures begin to rise and gray skies turn to blue, we feel the urge to get outdoors and get active again after another long winter. There is weight to be lost, muscle to be toned, and work to your home and yard that must be addressed; but if you’ve neglected to do anything remotely physical during the winter you’ll have to warm up the engine before kicking things into high gear.

Want to be more productive, successful and organized? Want less chaos in your life and more Zen? Establishing a routine after you wake up – whether it’s 5 a.m. or 5 p.m. – sets the tone for the rest of your day and can help you feel calm, in control, powerful and more productive.