The winners of the Wabash River Conference tennis match and track meet were recently announced. According to a press release, they were all honored as members of the All-Conference Team at the WRC Spring Banquet at the Beef House June 5.

Those who won in girls’ tennis were: Team Champion-Covington, Coach-Terry Field, Elizabeth Tindera-South Vermillion, Esther Bridwell-Covington, Emily Shrader-Seeger, Emma Taylor-Covington, Avery Cole-Seeger, Ella Beardsley-South Vermillion, Grace Wright-Covington, and Chloe Rippy-South Vermillion.

Those who won in girls’ track were: Team Champion-Seeger, Coach-Miles Stucky; 100M Dash-Claire Kendrick-South Vermillion; 200M Dash-Claire Kendrick-South Vermillion; 400M Dash-Kaileigh Pruitt-Seeger; 800M Run-Allison High-Seeger; 1600M Run-Jennifer Romero-Seeger; 3200M Run-Libby Smith-Seeger; 100M Hurdles-Mikayla Thomas-North Vermillion; 110M Hurdles-Duncan Clem-Seeger; 300M Hurdles-Isabelle Puterbaugh-Seeger; 4X100M Relay-North Vermillion, Kirstin Ellis, Hannah Pugh, Mikayla Thomas, and Ava Martin; X400M Relay-Seeger, Kaileigh Pruitt, Jennifer Romero, Isabelle Puterbaugh, and Allison High; 4X800M Relay-Seeger, Kaileigh Pruitt, Jennifer Romero, Libby Smith, and Allison High; High Jump-Sara Saliji-Covington; Long Jump-Mackenzy Linville-Fountain Central; Shot Put-Hannah Ellis-North Vermillion; Discus Throw-Hannah Ellis-North Vermillion.

Those who won in boys’ track were: Team Champion-South Vermillion, Coach-Andy Guinn; 100M Dash-Corey Miller-South Vermillion; 200M Dash-Corey Miller-South Vermillion; 400M Dash-Gary Spence-South Vermillion; 800M Run-Logan Pietrzak-Fountain Central; 1600M Run-Blade Greene-Fountain Central; 3200M Run-Carson Pietrzak-Fountain Central; 110M Hurdles-Duncan Clem-Seeger; 300M Hurdles-Duncan Clem-Seeger; 4X100M Relay-South Vermillion, Corey Miller, Brant Zucca, Sam Natale, and Hunter Schell; 4X400M Relay-South Vermillion, Gary Spence, Brant Zucca, Jacob Farley, and Justin Vaughn; 4X800M Relay-Fountain Central, Luke Adams, Carson Pietrzak, Kyle Mellady, and Logan Pietrzak; High Jump-Zyann Taylor-North Vermillion; Long Jump-Daten Wilson-Seeger; Shot Put-Peyton Westfall-South Vermillion; Discus Throw-Lane Woolwine-North Vermillion.

The following athletes were winners of the All Conference Team for softball, baseball, and golf.

SOFTBALL – WRC ALL CONFERENCE TEAM: Team Co-Champion – North Vermillion, Coach – Ardie Kilgore, Lidia Hanson – Covington, Corinne Moore – Covington, Corrissa Remter – Covington, Emily Fitzwater – North Vermillion, Whiskey Keller – North Vermillion, Ava Martin – North Vermillion, Ashton Steinbrenner – North Vermillion, Taylor Dugger – Parke Heritage, and Karlee Jeffries – Parke Heritage. Team Co-Champion – South Vermillion, Coach – Allen Grange, Maddie Hunt – Riverton Parke, Kaylee Irelan – Riverton Parke, Mackenzie Schermann – Riverton Parke, Alyssa Gouty – Seeger, Riley Shrader – Seeger, Hailey Boardman – South Vermillion, Regan Godfrey – South Vermillion, Hannah Grange – South Vermillion, and Allison Schawitsch – South Vermillion. Honorable Mention: Attica – Keela Howard, Kennedy Nunnally; Covington – Kamryn Gerling; Fountain Central – Marley Massey, Skylar Merryman; North Vermillion – Keely Bush, Jayde Norris, Katelyn Rowe; Parke Heritage – Abbi Henderson, Grace Kiefner, Kailyn Mckinney; Riverton Parke – Caeden Bennett, Camryn Clapp, Maddie Daley; Seeger – Kaylee Kerr, Taylor Rothenberger; South Vermillion – Makenzie Mackey, Bre Smith, Makaylee Wright.

BASEBALL – WRC ALL CONFERENCE TEAM: Team – Co-Champion – Covington, Coach – Ryan Tolley, Eli Kirkpatrick – Attica, Cade Walker – Attica, Tanner Dreher – Covington, Ethan Engle – Covington, Logun Freed – Covington, Keaton Fye – Covington, Alex Tallman – North Vermillion, Noble Johnson – Parke Heritage, Logan White – Parke Heritage, and Pierson Barnes – Riverton Parke; Team Co-Champion – South Vermillion, Coach – Tim Terry, Logan Harrison – Riverton Parke, Garrett Lawson – Riverton Parke, Greyson Green – Seeger, Khal Stephen – Seeger, Khayne Stephen – Seeger, Bryce McLeish – South Vermillion, Cooper Terry – South Vermillion, Connor VanLannen – South Vermillion, and Isaac Wanninger – South Vermillion. Honorable Mention: Attica – Brian Dobbels, Ben Hiller; Covington – Brady Cutrell, Bradley Slider, Luke Taylor; Fountain Central – Carson Eberly, Jake Smith; North Vermillion – Josh Little, Wyatt Reynolds; Parke Heritage – Wade Black, Connor Davis; Riverton Parke – Triston Herrick, BJ Hopton; Seeger – Garrett Drake, Hayden Hoskins, Jameson Sprague; South Vermillion – Spencer Lewis, Keegan Mackey, Layne Vicars.

GOLF – WRC ALL CONFERENCE TEAM: Team Champion – South Vermillion, Coach – Rodney Clark, Peyton Snoeberger – Seeger, Nolan Potter – Covington, Zach Junker – South Vermillion, Landen Stewart – Parke Heritage, Chase Little – Attica, J.T. Vitaniemi – South Vermillion, Drew Sheridan – Attica, and Ben Lynk – Parke Heritage.