Business Name: Wabash Valley Flower Shop

Address: 2553 W. US HW 136 in Covington

Owner: Alan and Margaret Woodrow

Opening Date: close to 90 years ago

What does this business do?

We do flowers, we do things for funerals, we do things for birthdays and we do things for weddings. We do artificial and fresh arrangements, you name it we do it here.

What is the best thing about being located in Covington?

It is a small town, and everyone knows everyone.

What is the biggest challenge?

Having the merchandise that people want. Sometimes its hard to get things in small towns.

What is the most popular Item you sell?

We sell a lot of lanterns.

What is something less popular you would recommend?

Fresh flowers

What is the best thing about owning your own business?

It’s the things you get to create for the people for the happy moments. Everyday you can walk in and it is something different.

Biggest downside?

Trying to keep track of everything going on.

What is the biggest misconception about your business?

People do not realize all the gift items we have.

How has the business changed over time?

The type of items we sell has changed a lot. When my parents first bought it, it was fresh flowers and plants, but gift items are a lot more popular now.