Mike Huchison

Photos by Susan G. Wright

Mike Hutchison takes part in the recent Williamsport Town Council meeting.

There were several items of discussion set for last week’s Williamsport Town Council meeting.

Among those items were new fire equipment and making plans for future fire department purchases. It also looked at park rules, which have changed at the park. Plus, the end of season report for the city pool was given.

Lee Kay of the Warren Agency updated recommendations for coverage for the volunteer firemen and the firehouse facilities. A non-mobile air compressor and two building have been insured all along. If something occurs to a truck and it would burn with its contents, Kay explained, it would be covered without itemizing the contents and equipment, which is a new clause in the policy.

Kay also explained that if a firefighter is in an accident going to the scene of a fire, the firefighters’ town policy is the primary coverage in that situation.

Williamsport Town Board President Mike Hutchison and board member Jim Lanham wanted to clarify that firefighters are definitely covered in using their personal vehicles.

The board voted to accept Kay’s recommendations, pending confirmation on personal vehicle use.

Vickie Strickler announced that the last day of the town pool would be Aug. 4. She also reported to the board on the in-depth visit with the Board of Health which is going to require a few minor updates to the pool.

“We need to change the placement of depth markers in the pool wall,” Strickler said. “A different policy for situations of diarrhea or vomit now includes doing water samplers with a lab in with the Board of Health,” Strickler reported.

Then, Strickler turned her discussion to the fact about a dozen chairs damaged during the storms this season.

She asked the board’s permission to buy new chairs now when they’re on clearance instead of in the spring and paying full price.

Board member Traci Latoz said she was in favor of trying to cut costs, and the other board members agreed.

Strickler also shared that she had 273 kids in the Williamsport recreation program in 2019. The Williamsport recreation program started with 58 kids in 1999. Plans are beginning for the Williamsport Recreation program’s 20th year.

Latoz shared that the new pavilion at the park has been getting regular use, and the members of the Williamsport Parks Board were present wanting some guidance on their responsibilities in terms of accounts and finances.

The town swimming pool needs a new liner, and the bathhouse is in rough shape, Latoz stated.

“The plumbing and electrical are original to the construction of the bathhouse in 1962,” town superintendent Kevin Strickler said. “The liner that is in the pool is warrantied for 10 years and has been there for 20 years.”

Latoz guided some of the update for the park board which includes Miles Stucky, Allessandra Lockwood and Ryan White.

Hutchison explained that there is a fund that upgrades can come from, “I recommend you make a wish list of things that need done and we’ll help make sure the funding is there.”

Kevin Strickler went on to say that he’d contact Spear Corp, a pool specialist who could give an opinion on the existing bathhouse whether to redo it or repair it.

Tobacco and alcohol ordinances need to be revised to represent the rules of the park for the patrons, said police officer Ted Latoz. He told of having to remove and unruly member of a softball team during a tournament.

The board agreed that signs are needed.

They revisited unpaid utility bills and the utility clerk, Amy Cushman, asked the board and town attorney about eliminating payment plans after the current ones are met.

“It’s become and administrative nightmare,” she said.

The board members said they’d take that into consideration and will write an ordinance to help to solve the problem of unpaid utility bills.