Photo by Susan G. Wright

Mike Hutchison, Williamsport board president, asks a question of utility superintendent Kevin Strickler.

There has been some back-stepping done in Willamsport when the invited contractors only bid for part of the new sewage grinder and not the full scope of the project, thus causing the town of Williamsport to lose their application to the State Revolving Fund grant for a capital building fund project.

This was discussed at the recent Williamsport Town Council meeting.

The contractor firm of Therber Brock and Associates hosted the special meeting to open bids on Aug. 8, and it was a shock for everyone when none of the contractors bid the entire scope of the project, town attorney Jud Barce said.

During the Sept. 5 meeting, Steve Brock of the firm explained to the board members the schedule of application for their new bids and the SRF grant application — the goal is to have the new project bid date in November and the closing of the SRF in January 2020.

After discussion between board president Mike Hutchison and the board, and some review from Barce, the town accepted the schedule from Brock. The meeting to open the new bids will be scheduled closer to the November deadline.

The next item on the agenda was Eagle Scout candidate Travis Beckett of Troop #344 discussing the project he has proposed to earn his Eagle Scout badge.

Beckett explained to the board that he plans to build three benches on Falls Trail and then do some maintenance on the lookout shelter.

“Since I know the benches could be carried off, I’m going to buy some cement and adjust the drawings for the legs to allow for a base,” Beckett told the board.

Beckett provided the board drawings and supply lists, he was expecting final approval from the Boy Scout Council on his project and then he’d schedule the actual work.

Kevin Strickler agreed to be available from the town to assist Beckett if necessary.

The final piece of business included giving town marshal Ted Latoz permission to replace assistant town marshal Gene Snoeberger a new department vehicle.

Latoz explained that Snoeberger’s vehicle has been limping along over the past 15 months, and the cost of repairs would make it more effective to replace it.

“Alsop advised that the Tahoe package has been so popular that it will sell out if we don’t order a 2020 before they retool for the next model year,” Latoz explained.

The board discussed the information. Traci Latoz abstained from the vote; Hutchison and Jim Lanham voted in favor of the town marshal ordering a 2020 Tahoe. The budget reflected that money was in the budget with just some change, clerk-treasurer Bill Lucas stated.

Finally, Barce guided the first reading of the park rules ordinance and heard a discussion on scheduling the use of the new park pavilion. No decision was made.