The Veedersburg Town Council met at 6 p.m. July 14.All board members were present except Ken Smith and Mike Booe.

Mark Rusk called the meeting to order and asked to accept the minutes of the previous meeting; Troy Finley made a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting and Tom Harrison made the second, with unanimous approval.

The Fund Report, Appropriation Report, Payroll Check Register and Claims docket were emailed to the council prior to the meeting. These documents have been reviewed and approved by the board.

Jesse Scott – Town Manager, distributed the Town Manager Report.

• CCMG 2020-1 bids: DC Construction — $174,515.97, Rieth-Riley Construction Co. — $348,896.20 and Milestone — $209,465.00; HWC Engineering took all bids under review and will check to be sure all project items are included in each bid.

• Water tower is drained will be cleaned this week – this is done every other year. — Should be back running next Wednesday.

• Kennedy Water loop Project is complete.

• Repaired water leak on 9th St

• Fine grading W. end ditch will be complete when dry.

• Drainage project N of blue building is 60% complete.

• Trees trimmed on 8th, Jackson, Sycamore, Grant, & Perry.


• Connie will attend pretreatment class in Covington tomorrow.

• Plant 2 rake pump gears were repaired $940.80 new would have been $3,500.00


• Downtown loop project is ongoing 60% complete.

• Replaced transformer at Lyons Manor.

• Prep work for capacitors.

• Removed old power bank in Sterling.


• Sign project complete VS is working on closeout.

• CCMG 2020-2: Funding has been delayed by INDOT due to COVID.

HWC is 95% complete with design and will have project shovel ready.

• Tesla: Construction start date has been delayed to the first quarter of 2021 due to COVID.

Pool, Park, Trail

• Bollard fencing has been installed on W. end.

• Scout cabin deck has been power washed and 2 coats of sealer applied will need a 3rd.


Mill & Mitchell Loop 860’: $12,000.00

Troy Finley requested Mr. Scott to set a deadline for electrical loop project.

Kristin Allen to find out what the town receives in pole rental fees.

Motion made by Mark Rusk to request funding of Mill & Mitchell water loop project to Veedersburg Redevelopment Commission (VRC), Troy Finley seconded the motion with unanimous


Rich Livengood – Deputy Marshal

• Police truck still in Greencastle getting outfitted.

• Officer Livengood will be serving as Student Resource Officer while Officer Austin attends police academy August through November.

• Officer Davis has removed the police gear from the Ford Taurus and all that is left to be removed are the police stickers from the exterior of the car.

William Spear – resident

• Notified council of noise nuisance and abandoned vehicles at neighboring property – Council requested that Officer Livengood follow-up on this matter

Sherry Bailey – Veedersburg Revitalization Association (VRA)

• Asked if bid for Depot stabilization has been accepted – yes

• Will there be a hiring of an architect for the Depot project – Mrs. Bailey & VRA have been looking for grants to help with this cost. Council requested that this matter should

be taken to VRC RahmTech contract –There is no contract – RahmTech will charge hourly rate going forward – Council is ok with this.

McClain matter – Ken Smith was to contact town’s insurance agent – no update at this time.

Trustee’s office – no update at this time

Council would like to move forward on sale of property to David Singleton – Kristin Allen will move forward with the process.

Received a proposal from Nannette L. Van De Voorde of NV Grant Services, LLC, to do an income survey so the town may apply for an OCRA grant to do a wastewater study; tom Harrison made a motion to accept the proposal and Troy Finley seconded with unanimous approval.

David Leek – resident

• Asked council if 3 corners of Kennedy St. can be made wider when they replace blacktop

• Asked about elevation of sidewalks in front of Town Hall

- Council requested that Mr. Scott check on these matters.

Sherry Bailey said VRA is planning to have their Scarecrow Jubilee in September.

Kristin Allen asked if personal protective equipment can be ordered for the town employees for approximately $1800.00 which will be reimbursed by CARES Act funding; Council unanimously approved.

Further, should there be other national or state directives released, the Town will follow the directives contained in the governmental documents.