The Veedersburg Public Library is gearing up for summer with its annual summer reading program.

This year’s theme honors the 50-year anniversary of the first man on the moon, which happened July 20. Veedersburg Public Library Program Director Shelby Lowe said the program this year is highlighted by a special event with an inflatable planetarium.

“One thing that I am really excited about is that we are going to have a blow-up planetarium. We are going to have an event at Hub Park in June,” she said. “From what I’ve heard it is awesome. We are borrowing it from a school which is letting us borrow it for free. All we have to do is pick it up and drop it off.”

Another big event will be the stuffed animal workshop. Those participating will leave with a new stuffed friend who’s out of this world.

“We are going to be doing a stuffed animal workshop. It is called Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop and it is just like Build-A-Bear but it’s free,” Lowe said. “We are going to keep the space theme going and have little aliens for them to make. We will have sign up sheets so they can come in, do an activity and then stuff them. We will give them a birth certificate and there will be a little rainbow star that they make a wish on and put in their new stuffed animal.”

A creative event to look forward to is one which takes place over two days. The kids will make and decorate their own papier-mâché space helmets.

The program will start June 3 with a space-themed launch party. Lowe said she is aiming to get kids registered for events a week out to help keep track of numbers.

“I’d like to have the registration at least a week before so that way I know how many kids to expect,” she said. “I like to give them enough time because people can be so busy during the summer. A lot of the activities we have I will have them register for at least a week before.”

During summer reading the Lego club will still meet but the date and time may change due to scheduling

Lowe hopes the kids participating will learn to enjoy reading.

“We’re trying to make reading fun,” she said. “We will have incentives and fun grand prizes. One of our grand prizes this year is a telescope. We want to give them fun things to look forward to and get the enjoyment into kids again.”