The town of Veedersburg had its regular meeting on June 25. All members were present.

The minutes of the last meeting were presented and approved, according to the motion of the minutes.

Stu Weliever discussed adoption of an ordinance adding a CRM zoning area and amending zoning districts and zoning maps. This would accommodate mixed-use building with neighborhood-serving retail service in the downtown area and other uses on the ground floor and residential units about the nonresidential space and encourage development that allows for pedestrian oriented, storefront-style shopping streets in the downtown. The council will get input regarding this ordinance from the revitalization association and zoning board.

There was a discussion on adopting a new nuisance ordinance that will better address the issues that the town is having with noise, junk and trash, abandoned vehicles, etc. The council instructed Weliever to proceed with the draft of this ordinance.

Sherry Bailey, Veedersburg Revitalization Association, informed the council that because it is town owned, the depot does not qualify for the grant that Nancy Wagner had planned to apply for. The town will need to decide what the depot is to be used for. The VRA, Council, and Redevelopment Commission will meet at 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 5 to discuss this.

Kristin Allen, Veedersburg Revitalization Association, attended the meeting to request permission to use the fire station in case of rain during the Cruise In scheduled for July 6. The council approved this. She introduced Justin and Linda McLain from Windy Ridge Winery. They will be setting up at the Cruise In offering tastings and wine sales.

Dirk Garriott, town manager, distributed his report. The community crossings project will be starting in July due to Milestone’s schedule. There were electric outage issues at the water plant which have been taken care of. Garriot gave an update on the numerous improvements that have been done at the pool and park.

Ed Wurtsbaugh introduced Jason Austin to the council. He is the new student resource officer.

Kathy Pugh, clerk treasurer, presented Resolution #04-2019, a resolution appropriating $38,000 for wastewater equipment out of the rainy day fund to the council. This resolution was discussed and unanimously approved.

A quote from Patton Furniture & Carpet was presented to the council for new tile for the town hall in the amount of $4,634. This motion was unanimously approved.

There are funds in the building repair and maintenance fund in the amount of $2,634 which leaves a balance of $2,000. A motion was made by Troy Finley to take the request for the remaining balance to the redevelopment commission. This motion was discussed and unanimously approved.