The Covington- Tri-County matchup was not an aerial game in the slightest as rain plagued the first half of the game and enabled Covington to take an early lead that kept the TC Cavaliers in an attempt to catch up all evening.  Tri-County's standouts continue to be Sophomore QB/DB Korbin Lawson, Freshman JP Schemerhorn and Sophomore Xavier Cantrell who made good efforts at running the ball and adding yardage to the score board, Sophomore Dayn Wright also made some significant assists for the Tri-County Cav's. With a young team making good plays on the varisty team, Tri-County will be a good team to keep a close eye on in coming seasons, but the Cavaliers were not  ready for the size or speed of the Covington Trojans who were ready to demonstrate their skills even in the pesky precipitation that hung over the portion of Fountain County that was the home field for the game. Caleb Ellmore made the first touch down of the game for Covington and another  in the third quarter; Trace Hammer added one in the first half and a second one in the third quarter as well

The Cavalier points came from Korbin Lawson with touchdowns, and two point conversions from Xavier Cantrell.

 The final score for the game for the Friday night match up is Covington 55- Tri-County 14.

 Covingtpn  has a diverse group of upperclassmen on the team and the tight-knit group worked as a decisive unit throughout the evening and Trojan Coach Mark Brown gives a lot of credit for tonight's success to the developed offensive lineman on the team this year. Nate Sly, Brennon Toiwnsend, Austin Croucher, Benton Burger, Nick Stull, Brice LaMeau, and John Kiger.

Cavaliers head coach Mark Gretencord felt his team moved the ball well, but since the Trojan came out with the first scoring move of the night, they just played to keep up with them as best they could. "We were over matched," Gretencord said.

Covington plays Riverton Parke next week at Riverton Parke.