Last Tuesday afternoon was not a typical day in Attica for the employees at Harrison Steel Castings Company, as US Senator Mike Braun was a guest at the plant. During the visit, Aug. 13, Braun was able to see first hand some of the process of making the types of castings that are produced in Attica on a daily basis.

Braun was guided through the plant and saw a pour of molten steel for what becomes an axle for a big heavy industrial trucks, the final part of the tour was in one newest buildings in the company, where a large axle and assorted vehicle frame parts were visible and representing the types of production Harrison Steel Castings accomplishes. Braun opened up discussion on what he’s been working on legislatively, as well as accepting questions from the employees and a couple guests.

First of all, Braun congratulated the Harrisons’ and employees for being part of a century plus old company, and that it remains to be family owned.

One of the first questions from the gallery of audience came Hadden Eller, a sophomore from Seeger High School, and he asked, “What advice would you give youth to succeed in today’s world?”

Braun responses was, “Participate in more hands-on education, stick your neck out and take risks and be self-motivated,… and use good judgement.”

Immigration also came into question during the conversation with Braun, and he said he supports allowing immigrants in to the U.S. who follow the proper procedures according to President Trump’s plan.

Otherwise, Braun was very complimentary about the production facilities and Harrison, and the strength of United States manufacturing.

Additionally, Braun is also involved in the agriculture committee and has been able to cosponsor Sen. Ernst on allowing farmers to be able to better their farms with less restrictions. When asked to clarify, Braun explained that there are regulations that constrict a farmer’s ability to do what needs to be done in terms of testing the creeks around for good ground water care.