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Seeger junior Hanah Wolf shows examples of the shoes she wants to collect as part of a shoe drive to help fight Parkinson’s Disease.

A Seeger High School junior is helping fight Parkinson’s Disease.

Hanah Wolf has a grandmother, Pam Switzer, who has the diagnosis.

Among what Wolf is doing is conducting a shoe drive to raise money. Children’s shoes, tennis shoes, sandals and athletic shoes are all acceptable, along with any other type of shoe except heels, wedges, snow boots, cleats and fluffy slippers.

“The shoe drive is the closing part of my fundraiser before I present the money to the Parkinson’s Foundation through IU Health in Indianapolis at the end of April 2020. Angel Bins, a shoe fundraising company based out of California, will come to collect the shoes I have collected as long as it reaches a certain minimum (2,500 pairs) on Wednesday, April 1 at Seeger. After counting and formulating my total they will send me a check and those shoes will be given to those in need across the entire nation,” she said.

Anyone who has questions can email her at hanah.wolf@msdwarco.k12.in.us.

Relatedly, “I have collected approximately $1,700 thus far through 50/50 ticket sales at Seeger’s home football and boys basketball games, as well as pocket change buckets. I have also held a penny war with Warren Central Elementary and accepted donations. George Hardebeck has helped my fundraiser tremendously along with Davis Drugs, and ,of course, the Seeger staff.

There are other ways she’s tried to do her part.

“During the summer of 2019, I began brainstorming ways to help fight Parkinson’s Disease. My grandmother along with the roughly 200,000 Parkinson’s patients in the world take large amounts of medication to soothe the symptoms throughout their day. My grandmother alone takes 33 pills in one day! That is why I have been collecting prescription and over the counter pill bottles (labels washed off) since the beginning of August. Although there are no monetary benefits by collecting those bottles, they are sent to Matthew25Ministries in Ohio and then shipped to various countries in need of the plastic, helping with recycling as well!”

Wolf is also a varsity cheerleader and shows cattle, pigs and sheep in 4-H. She is involved in NHS, STARS and I am the FFA Secretary.

But fighting against this disease is very important to her.

She said her grandmother mostly suffers from impaired balance, tremors, speech changes, and difficulty when thinking and understanding. This has affected our family in many ways, as it is always hard to see someone you love suffer in any way possible. Parkinson’s is a neurological disease that causes symptoms throughout the entire body.

“Although I am not active in any other causes, I hope to continue supporting the fight for Parkinson’s disease in every way possible.”

She said her future plans are to study at Indiana University, graduate with a degree in either sales or communications, and become a successful pharmaceutical sales representative.