art book

By Susan G. Wright

Copies of the Attica Public Art booklet, created by former mayor Bob Shephard, can be found at the Neighbor’s office, 113 S. Perry St.

Former Attica mayor Bob Shepherd and his wife, Melinda, have been the benefactors of the various statues gracing the streets of the city, and now the statues have been photographed and put into a full-color booklet available at businesses to encourage citizens to take a walk, go for a ride and find the pieces of art.

“We’ve had a lot of comments about the art and the booklet,” Shepherd said. The booklet includes a map of where the placed statues are at as well as where future ones will be.

“There will even be some switching around,” Shepherd stated. “A statue currently up by the Attica Public Library is going to move over by the grade school because it resembles a music instrument and it will be placed near the music room wing.”

After the last of the statues is installed, Shepherd indicated that he and his wife are discussing whether to slow down their commissioning of statues.

“I’d like to encourage other members of the community to consider contributing to our sculpture garden,” Shepherd said. “I’m continually interested and amazed at ways that metal can be shaped, even after more than 40 years of working with metal.”

The booklets are free and can be found around town, including at the Fountain County Neighbor office at 113 S. Perry Street.

“Sculpture is open to interpretation,” Shepherd stated. “It’s shapes, twisted metal and angles that makes the mind see things from a different perspective.”

A quote from West Lafayette mayor John Dennis on the booklet says, “A community consists of many things: safety, security, sustainability, growth and high quality of life. Central to a high quality of life is public art. Time and time again a community’s spirit is judged by the visual. Public art captures the spirit and personality of a community and it makes it more attractive to residents, visitors and those interested in assisting in a community’s growth through their investment.”