Prize winner

Photo by Susan G. Wright

Pine Village resident Dennis Brummett had the lucky ticket to win the signed Jeff Brahm Purdue football, the raffle ticket prize at the Pine Village Vintage Football Festival Aug. 10. The Pine Village ComEnhancement (PVCCE) coordinated the committees that planned this event.

Modern football has been evolving with safer helmets, shoulder pads and all sorts of additional equipment, but the game which has heritage in Pine Village was much more basic — jersey with the player’s number, a leather helmet, and tube socks.

The town of Pine Village celebrated its heritage of being the first to pay a team of football players, pre-NFL, by hosting a vintage football festival Aug. 10

Local people and visitors got in the spirit with a parade, collecting candy from the streets and enjoying an old-fashioned community festival.

“My dad coached right here,” Susan Taylor stated proudly. “This game is a great part of our town’s history and I’m glad to see it emphasized.”

Taylor teaches high school English/journalism at Twin Lakes High School in Monticello.

Paula Max, Sara Jones, Barb Richardson, Megan Eberly, Carrie Austin, Jay Jones, Rita Stringer, Jane Baysinger and Adam Wallope were on the committee that pulled the activities together which included a parade, concessions at the elementary school and souvenirs of T-shirts and sweatshirts. There were jerseys for the two team who played in the Aug. 10 game — Pine Village Villagers and Rock Island Independents. There were pennants and postcards with some of the vintage photos and posters. There was also a raffle for a signed Purdue football from Coach Jeff Brahm. Pine Village resident, Dennis Brummett won the signed ball.

The final score was Pine Village 22, Rock Island Independents, 9.