The Fountain County Judge Stephanie Campbell formally received a $50,000 grant from Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, Oct. 16, to launch a jailed chemical-addiction program for Fountain and Warren counties’ incarcerated clients ready to end their addictions.

“This grant is going to establish a program that has already been found to be successful in Kosciusko and Dearborn counties,” Hill explained.

The program will be available by way of an application and a beginning enrollment of eight prisoners, Campbell stated. Participants in the program will be separated from the rest of the population to support their success and facilitate the opportunity for them to truly get clean from their addictions.

“For some of the participants, being arrested affords them the chance to truly detoxed from their addiction for the first time,” Campbell said. In addition to the curriculum of the JCAP program, there will be access to physical fitness and faith-based services if they request it.

Hill stated that 85 percent of people arrested in Indiana have a drug addiction component to their arrest, and in the counties where this program has been implemented, the statistic of reoffending is only 18 percent.

This demonstrates that the curriculum works and the inmates are ready to start a cleaner lifestyle, he added.

Due to the ratio of inmates in the Fountain and Warren county jails, the initial plan is to develop this with men first, then as the JCAP program statistics develop they’ll add women to participate. The hope is to be able to run up to 32 participants through the program at a given time, Campbell stated.

“It’ll be a similar schedule as the Bi-county Accountability Court currently runs,” she added.