Don Andrews,National Senior Games

Photo by Susan G. Wright

Don Andrews, 79, West Lebanon, proudly wears his National Senior Games medal that he won the end of June playing three on three basketball in the 80 to 84 year-old division. He coached local basketball for Williamsport and Attica before retiring in 1974.

Rumor has it a person is supposed to slow down some as the aging process takes place, but for one local man that just doesn’t seem to be the case.

Don Andrews, West Lebanon, is 79, and has been participating in the National Senior Games athletics for a few years. Likely, his name is familiar to many as he coached basketball at Williamsport and Attica high schools.

“I coached at Williamsport four years in the 1970s, and Attica for three years to 1966,” he said. Andrews retired from teaching, after 34 years, in the late 1974.

Since then he keeps busy playing three on three basketball in the National Senior Games programs. He and his wife also own and operate the Andrews Indiana Beach Resort in Monticello.

“I was playing at the games in Florida a couple years ago, and I was asked if I’d consider playing with this team from West Virginia,” Andrews explained. The event was June 14-25.

This 6 foot, 3 inch, man helped guide his team — the West Virginia Generals — through the ranks at the National Senior Games tournament that was in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to earn a silver medal, falling to the Rhode Island 56ers, who are defending champions for two years in a row.

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