Business name: Delta Welding Supply, Inc.

Address: 1701 E US Hwy 41, Attica

Phone number: 765-762-9353

Owner: Rex Oteham / Holli Oteham

Opening date: July 4, 2000

Hours: 8-4 Monday-Friday

1. What does this business do?

We sell welding, industrial supplies and gases to companies who mostly fabricate metal.

The company also has a welding training center with state of the art training equipment.

Our retail showroom offers customers steel sales, safety products, grinding wheels, welding and plasma cutting equipment in stock as well as all of the fabrication related items.

2. What was the reason for starting this business?

I always had an admiration for those who had their own company. Often thinking, what do they have that I don’t. My conclusion came down to two things.

— Are you willing to walk away from good health insurance and provide your own?

— Do you have the grit to take the risk and step out on your own?

The answer to these questions for me was yes.

3. What is the best thing about being located in Attica/Fountain County?

Less traffic, land and real estate is much cheaper.

4. What is the biggest challenge?

Being the best all of the time

5. When is your busiest time of the year?

Our business is pretty consistent from Month to Month.

6. What is the most popular thing you sell/service you provide?

Great Service. You would be amazed at how well customers enjoy getting what they want, when they want it, at a fair price, every time.

7. What is a less popular thing/service you would recommend?

We sell Large Plasma Cutting tables, water jets and Robots.

8. What is the thing you most like to do as part of your business?

Make friends and be someone others can count on.

9. What is the best thing about owning your own business?

Implementing decisions without having to ask someone else for approval.

10. What is the biggest downside?

There is no downside

11. What is the biggest misconception about your business?

Probably most people have no idea how much business we do, or the magnitude of business that we do with some very large companies.

12. How would you describe your business philosophy?

Find out from the customer how they want to do business, and give them what they want. We work very hard at having the products on hand that our customers use. We try to always avoid saying no. If we can find a solution I want to exhaust every possibility first. Our employees know that this is our core philosophy.

13. When it comes time to retire is there a family member who will be taking over for you?

Probably not

14. How has your business changed over the years?

We started with small to medium sized companies as our target market. Today, we have some very large customers in the mix as well, and we love them all!

15. What advice would you give someone thinking about starting a business?

There is a lot to know. Most of it you will learn the hard way. If you are someone who likes to serve others over yourself, you might have a decent change. There is no get rich quick. You must be willing to make a fair profit over time and things will come your way. If you are not in it for the long haul, don’t do it. Pay your bills, earn your reputation through kindness and understanding, no one else can give that to you. And be good to your word, because that’s all that you have.