Business Name: Basic Auto Sales LLC

Address: 117 W. Mill St. Attica

Owner: Mark Stepp

Website: Basic Auto Sales LLC on Facebook

Opening Date: 2005

What does this business do?

We are an auto dealer that sells affordable used cars. We do carry our own financing here for people who don’t have real good credit or want to mess with banks can come here and deal with us.

What is the best thing about being located in Attica?

We are hometown people. We’re not trying to get rich, so we know most all of our customers. We deal with local people from the two or three counties around here and they’re more like friends than customers, we definitely enjoy that.

What is the biggest challenge?

The small community, this is not the place where you’re going to sell 1000 cars and so profit is limited but as I said, we’re not trying to get rich.

What is the best thing about owning your own business?

Being self-employed. Everyone thinks you have no boss but that is far from the truth, everybody is our boss. We work for the community and we have to treat them right to keep them coming back. In a small community like this you are 100% dependent on repeat business.

Biggest downside?

Government. Of course everything has gotten so expensive that it’s not un usual for a truck to be $50,000 to $70,000 with cars not far behind that and even used ones are now about 10 grand and up.

What is the biggest misconception about your business?

That we make all the money on the down payment. A lot of people we have no investment on the future accounts but that is not true. The also seem to think we can dictate what a vehicle can do in the future which is not true.

After retirement is there someone to take over?

My daughter Rachel, she is way more involved in the community. She’s going to be the one to run it if she wants it. I told her the chances of me having a good retirement are not very good so she’s going to have to keep paying me and step up and be the owner. She does a good job.

How has the business changed over time?

I started selling cars in 1985 and even worked at a car lot during the lizard of 1978 so I’ve been in this a long time. Basically, it hasn’t really changed much other than the government being more involved, but everything has gotten so expensive.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own business?

Do it, I don’t think there is any greater thing about America then being in your own business but make sure you understand it is labor intensive. You can work long and hard without making a ton, but I don’t think there is a greater profit in this country than being your own boss.