A Benton Central student was suspended after threatening the school.

Superintendent Gregg Hoover couldn’t comment on who the student was or anything about the threat.

He said the Benton County Sheriff’s Department “has increased its security before, during and after talking with the student”.

He provided a statement released on behalf of the school district.

“On Wednesday afternoon November 6, 2019 Benton Central Jr/Sr High administrators became aware of concerns involving a group of students that might be making threats to the school. The administration, along with the school resource officer, investigated and conducted interviews. At that time there was no direct threat found to have been made. The administration sent a letter to parents notifying them of the events that had occurred up to that point.

“The administration received further information as they continued to investigate throughout the evening. With the help of students and staff, the administration did identify an online threat made by a specific student. That student was taken into custody and has been suspended pending expulsion. A second letter was then sent to parents updating them on the situation.

“With assistance of the Benton County Sheriff’s Department, there will be increased security in the school on Thursday, November 7, 2019. The school corporation appreciates the students and staff that came forward with this information. The students have been taught ‘See Something, Say Something’ and this contributed greatly to identifying this threat.

“Benton Community School Corporation is very concerned with the safety and security of all our students and staff. We will continue to actively investigate any reports and communicate information to parents and staff.”