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Very few people have not experienced the process of moving and trying to connect with a new community at least once in their lifetime. For author Melody Warnick, the impetus of her interest in writing came from several moves around the U.S. with her husband and preparing for a move from west Texas to Virginia.

“I kept researching things to expect or find in the new area and I’d get blog posts or newsletters, but no lists that gave me what I was looking for,” Warnick started. Additional support for her book came from asking friends and family about how they connected to new hometowns.

“This is Where You Belong is the result of gathering the varied suggestions from friends and my research and family experiences,” Warnick continued.

“Not every idea is one size fits all, but the process of liking where you live has to be through finding activities and organizations that support your beliefs and energy for living,” she added

On Sept. 21, Warnick came to Attica for a workshop with the Fountain and Warren county librarians but the public was welcome to attend as well, and it was very clear to Warnick that community involvement and volunteering was important to all who attended the presentation and book signing she had at the end.

“I am very impressed by the enthusiasm for community volunteerism I witnessed there in Attica,” Warnick said.

The whole process of having Warnick come to Attica came from the ambition of Attica Friends of the Library volunteer Lexxi Haddock approaching the librarians in Fountain and Warren counties and suggesting a joint program to encourage volunteerism and community involvement.

“I’m thrilled that my book has had such a positive outreach in the communities,” Warnick said “I’m impressed Lexxi’s energy, and with a newborn baby to boot.” Haddock had a baby just prior to the start of the start of the program.

“I have high hopes for these towns,” Warnick said.