Attica Consolidated School District has announced it’s Return to Learn guidance.

“Providing a safe environment and a high-quality education are the two most important

goals of Attica Consolidated School Corporation,” reads the information provided. “During the past few months, COVID-19 has changed how education has been experienced on many levels. As the upcoming school year approaches, it is our aim to ensure the best educational opportunities for all students while safeguarding the health of all students and staff members.

“We have learned over the last few months that the nature of a global pandemic such as Covid-19 is constantly evolving and thus requires frequent reflection and assessment of the current policies as well as adjustments to meet the current status of public health. Please understand that all of the guidelines described below are subject to change as we stay current on the recommendations of the Indiana Department of Health, Indiana

Department of Education, CDC, as well as the Fountain Warren County Health Department.

“Every person has their own individual viewpoints and beliefs regarding Covid-19 and its impact on public health. With each unique perspective comes a varying level of concern and precaution in protecting the health and safety of loved ones. For this reason, it is imperative that we unite as a Rambler Nation and demonstrate increased levels of respect, grace, and compassion to pull us through this pandemic and make us an even stronger community on the other side of it all.”

Students return to school Aug. 10. the 2020-21 ACSC calendar will be followed as planned. The traditional school day and week will remain intact. If schools are forced into closure again, the Elearning format utilized during spring of 2020 may be revised. There will not be a back to school open house, but there will be virtual opportunities for students to meet teachers.

ACSC will offer a distance learning option for K-12. A building principal will reach out to those that elect this option with more specific information. Distamce learning students are expected to be engaged in their academics during the traditional 8-3 school day. Students in K-8 will be committed to a nine-week term. Students in 9-012 will be committed to a full semester term.

Student arrival and dismissal procedures will be revised to minimize large crowds and shared out in the building-specific plans currently being developed. Students are discouraged from gathering during passing periods and should report straight to class. The sharing of materials and supplies is discouraged. This includes chargers and other school supplies.

Classrooms will be organized to allow for the maximum distancing possible for students and desks. Assigned seating will be implemented for contact racing. Daily routines will be altered to increase the social distancing measures possible. Traffic patterns will be established in the hallways. Signage will be visible throughout the schools to encourage and remind students of social distancing. Events that include large gatherings, such as assemblies and concerts, will be re-evaluated near the expected date.

Students wil be expected to have a mask each day. Students will be provided with one max and a bag for storage, but are encouraged to also have a few alternate masks as well. Facial coverings will be required on buses, transition times and passing periods, meal service lines, working in groups of close proximity and other situations where social distancing is not possible.

Hand sanitizer will be located through the school and in each classroom. Extra hand washing periods are encouraged and allowed. Traditional water fountains will be turned off and drinking water will come from touch less filling stations. All staff and students should self-screen each morning before departing for school suing the CDC Self Screening Symptoms Poster. Teachers will revisit the self screening questions at the start of each day. If COVID-19 is present, refer to IN State Dept. of Health guidance on how long to stay home.

Enhanced and increased cleaning procedures of the school, classrooms and buses will be instituted. High-touch objects and commonly used spaces such as desks, will be disinfected between each student group. Deep cleaning will be done during scheduled breaks.

Parents who are able to provide transportation to and from school are highly encouraged to do so. Immediate family members will be seated together on buses. Buses will be cleaned and disinfected after each route. Facial covering safe required at all times while on a bus.

Masks will be worn while wiring in food service lines. Assigned seats will be distanced to the extent possible. Students will remain in assigned seats during meal times. Pre-packaged meal choices will replace self serve foods. Delivery of restaurant foods for lunch will be restricted. Tables will be disinfected between lunches. Microwaves will no longer be available. Handwashing is encouraged before and after meals. Cafeteria staff will be equipped with PPE.

Visitor entrance into the building will be restricted to essential business only. Essential visitors will have to have a face covering. Essential deliveries will be left in the foyer to as to avoid unnecessary entrance into the office areas and hallways. If a parent needs to pick up a student early for an appointment, the student will be called down to the office to sign out and then meet the parent outside. Lunch and food deliveries will not be accepted at school.

For athletics and extra curriculars, athletes will be kept as socially distance as possible. Coaches will wear masks when not socially distanced. Athletes will be screened before participation each day. Equipment will be disinfected between each group of students when possible.

The health office will be available for routine student needs. A separate room for students with COVID-19 symptoms will be designated. Parents are encouraged to give routine medications at home in the morning.

Each day students and staff will conduct at-home screening for COVID-10 symptoms. If symptoms are present, students/staff should stay home from school and athletics/activities and remain home for the duration of time described.

The full reopening plan can be found at the district website,