The board of school trustees of the Attica Consolidated School Corporation had its regular meeting on Nov. 18.

Present were Kelly Hiller, Jill Mandeville, Chris Gayler, Chris VanDeWater, superintendent Sheri Hardman, treasurer Deanna Hutts, deputy treasurer Chris Goris, and corporation attorney Paul Lawson.

The minutes from the last meeting were approved, according to the minutes of the meeting.

Tague shared that Izzy Galloway is kind, caring, a friend to all, and gets along well with others. Tague shared she is able to partner Galloway with any peer in her class and knows that she will work well with them. Galloway follows directions, is a hard worker and is eager to learn. Tague states that she is very blessed to have Galloway in her class.

McCann shared that Jalynn Kirby is a joy to have in class. McCann said she has a sweet and positive attitude and that she is responsible and trustworthy. McCann is confident that Kirby makes good choices for herself. Kirby excels with her tasks including IXL and McCann is blessed to have Kirby in her class.

Crane provided an overview of the rambler center’s creation and success for its first year at Attica High School. The rambler center was designed to support students that are in need of credit recovery or for those students that need intervention to re-prioritize their goals to achieve academic success. The rambler center currently has nine students who participate in the program. The small class size and non-traditional setting allows students to increase their ability to shine on their own through the flexibility of the program. Crane shared that Chase Black is just one of the success stories of the rambler center. Black has blown Crane away with his phenomenal performance and complete turn around this school year. Black was also recently awarded a positive office referral.

A board member expressed appreciation and gratitude for the Veteran’s Day program the school corporation offers that allows the involvement of the community. Many thanks were expressed for the detail and time of those involved in making this program very successful.

Attica Community Foundation $tart committee is hosting promise Indiana on Dec. 5, 2019 at 6 p.m. at the west mill social hall. The focus of this meeting is to learn more about college choice 529 and incentives available to help develop college savings accounts.

VanDeWater made a motion that the board approve the corporation treasurer to pay claims through the end of November 2019. This was unanimously approved.

The master contract with the Attica classroom teachers association and the ACSC was presented and unanimously approved.

The board policy handbook updated policies vol. 31, no. 2 (first reading): 2261 title I services, 2261.01 parent and family member participation in tittle I programs, 2281 parent and family engagement, 2623.01 test security provisions for statewide assessment (new), 5330.02 care of students with diabetes, 5341 emergency medical authorization, 5410 promotion, placement, and retention (new), 6144 investment income (new), 6145 short-term indebtedness, 6325 procurement-federal grants/funds (new), 6605 crowdfunding (new), 8210 school calendar, and 8500 food service program were presented. This was unanimously approved.

Mandeville made a motion that the board approve the 2020-21 ACSC academic calendar. This was unanimously approved.

The following was presented on the personnel sheet for Nov. 18, 2019 for the hiring of staff members: substitute for AES staff maternity leave-Chaley Waters, volunteer wrestling coach-Hunter Purple, volunteer wrestling coach-Koaldon Kerr, volunteer wrestling coach-Benjamin Barnett, volunteer basketball coach-Aulton Martin, volunteer basketball coach-Drew Sheridan, volunteer basketball coach-Caleb Carnahan, volunteer basketball coach-Chase Little, and volunteer basketball coach-Logan Harmeson. This was unanimously approved.

The January board reorganization meeting will be Jan. 6, 2020 at 5:30 p.m.

The April board meeting will be April 20, 2020 at 5:30 p.m.

The staff recognition assembly was today at Attica Elementary. The following staff were recognized for their years of service with ACSC: five years-Matt Berg, Kelci Craft, Jessica Hanson, Judy Lockhart, and Sarah Riley; ten years-Dawn Hall; 25 years-Cindy Brown; and 35 years-Shelia Jones.

Hardman provided a review of the recent testing performed on the sprinkler system including items identified as needing updated to be within code. The system must be tested every five years.

Monthly financial reports and necessary claims were presented to the board to be approved as well as the approval of the monthly transfer from the education fund to the operations fund in the amount of $51,000. These were unanimously approved.