Nemesis II

Photo by Susan G. Wright

Artist Gregory Mendez shakes hands with local philanthropist Bob Shepherd who commissioned the statue Nemesis II behind the men.

The art garden of Attica is growing with a new statue blossoming at McDonald Park, and it’s bringing together mythology’s connection to Attica.

This art piece set Aug. 2 is a creation by Gregory Mendez, Decatur, a graduate of the University of St. Francis. It’s called “Nemesis II”.

Local philanthropist and former mayor Bob Shepherd commissioned Nemesis II to be part of the art installation project that he and his wife, Melinda, have donated to the city.

Nemesis is the name of a goddess used in several Greek tragedies and other works, being the deity that would give what was due to the protagonist. She was often called “Goddess of Rhamnous”, an isolated place in Attica, Greece, where a temple was attributed to her.

Mendez described the technique of his sculpture as additive and subtractive as the process includes welding the frame of her body and then polishing and smoothing edges so make the statue safe for tactile visitors.

“It’s quite an honor to be one of the artists commissioned for the Attica project,” Mendez stated, noting there are some nationally recognized artists who have been involved in the statues in Attica.

Mendez is an instrumental member of the Decatur art tour and has also got a statue place on the Angola called All Under Heaven, one of many other communities in the state to join the public art gallery movement.