Attica student-athletes and parents are invited to attend a pre-season sports meeting in which IHSAA and school rules will be reviewed Aug. 1 at 6:00 p.m. in the Attica High School cafeteria. There will be a carry-in so be sure to contact athletic director Bruce Patton at

As parents and coaches, roles should be compatible. All should promote and reinforce sportsmanship, teamwork and unity, compliance with eligibility rules and the value of team membership.

What can one do as a parent? State one’s position openly and clearly. Many students report they do not know how their parents feel about sportsmanship or the use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco among their friends. Verify one’s teen’s whereabouts, Patton said. “Most drinking goes on at parties where there is no supervision. Communicate with other parents, most will appreciate it,” he added.

Feel free to ask for help. Patton said his door is always open.

Set the example for sportsmanship. Get acquainted with one’s son’s or daughter’s friends. Praise your son’s or daughter’s efforts as well as their accomplishments. Bee supportive of the coaches, including their rules, principles and decisions.

“At Attica High School, it is our goal to enhance the health and development of our young people through co-curricular activities. The true champion is one who treats an opponent with respect positively prepares himself or herself, plays by the rules of the game follows the IHSAA and Attica High School rules, practices and supports sportsmanship,” Patton added.