The town council of the city of Attica had its regular parks board meeting on June 11.

Council president Andy Smart called the meeting to order. Board members present were Smart, Brian Duncan, Mike Nicolas, Susan Stoll, Robert Shepard. Absent was Barbara Foster.

Smart called the meeting to order. Minutes from the last meeting were presented and unanimously approved, according to the minutes of the meeting.

The board was informed that the city council had authorized repairs to the wind damaged fencing at the McDonald Park tennis court from the public safety fund. Shepard contributed that there might be a problem allocating money from this budget category for this purpose.

Grant writer Sharon Hutchinson could not attend the meeting, but did e-mail information about professional technical advice and possible funding.

Smart observed that the pool and tennis courts are eating a large proportion of the parks budget. The subject was discussed and the consensus of those present was that creative thinking will be needed, as qualified contractors seem uninterested in the tennis court work and the pool will be much more expensive next year as the liner is four and a half years beyond its rated life and has only been kept intact by the extra efforts of the public works employees. Also, concrete repair work will be needed on the deck and pump room ceiling.

Minor pool issues were asked about and their resolution reported.

The pool dolphin water cleaning vacuum is inoperative. Brian Duncan quickly secured a borrowed one until the town’s can be repaired.

There was discussion of extra pay for the pool manager for extra necessary pool opening preparation work he felt he’d had to do. There is a problem with already existing budget authorizations, but the board hopes this can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

The connecting trails grant and routing was discussed.

The next public input meeting was discussed and a date of Sep. 14 was tentatively set.

Shepard asked that a bench be moved or installed for a charitable donor.

Nicolas submitted a list of replacement swing seats and a request that they be purchased for safety reasons. He also reported measurements and locations for safety fencing for children crossing the culvert below the Canada Street bridge and along the high bank across from the small lion head spring fountain in Ravine Park. He also asked that some natural appearing diversion be placed to keep the stream from further eroding the bank. There was some discussion and Smart observed that simply dumped concrete rubble is very ugly.