Attica Car Wreck

A black V8 Dodge Ram 2500 truck, driving at an excessive speed westbound toward Williamsport, rear-ended a black Dodge car, sending it into a head-first collision with a BMW X5 gray crossover in the eastbound lane at the entrance of the McDonald's on W. Jackson Street in Attica at 2:05 p.m. Thursday afternoon.


All drivers required medical assistance. The truck driver was driven to Lafayette, and the other two drivers involved in the head-on collision were flown to Indianapolis.


Several emergency response units assisted at the scene, including the Attica police and fire department, the Williamsport Fire Department, Warren County EMS, the Fountain County Sheriff's Department, the Indiana Department of National Resources and Indiana State Police.


McDonald’s customers came out of the building to assist the drivers after they heard the sounds of the crashes, said Josie Ferguson, who came out to help. “We just started helping them and seeing if everyone was alright,” Ferguson said. “We just made sure they were alright, didn’t have no kids in the car, talking to them to make sure they’re awake.”


Update: a previous version of this story gave incorrect destinations for the injured drivers.