RCMS 6th-grade claims first


Members of the Rensselaer Central Middle School sixth-grade class pose with its first-place trophy Saturday. They are joined by RCMS coach Dan Yeager.

RENSSELAER — Rensselaer Central’s middle school girls’ cross country team claimed first in its invitational on Saturday at the high school.

Competing against a large contingent of teams from north and south, the Lady Bombers scored 56 combined points to earn the title as top team. RCMS’s boys’ team finished eighth overall among the 20+ teams to compete.

In the girls’ eighth-grade race, Baylie Wuethrich placed third overall in 12 minutes, 22 seconds, with Solcy Sanchez fifth in 12:45. Rheannon Pinkerman was 12th (12:53), Elizabeth Knoth was 18th (13:08), Audrey Davisson was 23rd (13:19) and Rachel Dunlap was 35th (14:05).

Other local runners to finish included Valerie Tyrka of Kankakee Valley, who was 10th in 12:50, and Madelyn Arenholz of North Newton, who placed 31st in 13:39. Kate Ferguson of KV was 35th in 13:49. South Newton’s Delaney Farmer (51st in 14:31) and Aubree Florian (52nd in 14:31) also competed as did Meghan Wright of South Newton, who was 79th in 15:18. Trinity Cragun (88th in 15:45) also competed for the Lady Rebels.

The Lady Bombers’ eighth-grade group was first in its division with 37 points to edge West Lafayette and Willowcreek. A total of 102 runners competed in the divisional race.

In the seventh-grade girls’ race, Ava Barten placed third overall among 139 competitors, covering the course in 11:53. Grace Healey was 13th overall in 12:44, followed by Emma Rentschler (25th in 13:24), Riley Rentschler (39th in 13:28) and Maddie Martin (50th in 14:00).

Haley Graf (57th in 14:13) and Lilly Cook (74th in 15:00) also competed. For their effort, the seventh-graders finished third in the divisional team race with 78 points. KV was fourth.

Other local competitors in the seventh-grade race were Emma Bell of KVMS, who finished second overall in 11:46, just seconds ahead of Barten. KV’s Maddy Murray was 32nd in 13:20, Brooke Swart was 54th in 14:00, Sophia Barlog was 65th in 14:40 and Paiton Thomas was 86th in 15:17. South Newton’s Morgan Wright was 90th in 15:20.

Rensselaer’s biggest group of runners came in the girls’ sixth-grade race, where first-year runner Jesi Fleming took first in 12:24, edging teammate Annalise Yeager (12:25) by a second.

The Lady Bombers had four of the race’s top five finishers to win the team title with 30 points. Kankakee Valley was second with 94 points.

A total of 137 runners competed in the sixth-grade girls’ race.

Besides Fleming and Yeager, other scorers for RCMS included Audrey Korniak, who was fourth in 12:43, and Carley Drone, who was fifth in 12:45.

Kylie Spencer was 21st in 13:42 for RCMS coach Dan Yeager’s squad.

Other competitors for the Bombers included Liberty Bate (35th in 14:11), Brooklyn Bilyeu (48th in 14:35), Kaitlyn Phegley (75th in 15:26), Kevee Rule (87th in 15:56), Maddie Kosiba (105th in 16:34), Lucy Pepple (107th in 16:40), Elise Donnelly (110th in 16:42), Chloe Jordan (117th in 16:59), Emily Parker (122nd in 17:06) and Maggie Hooker (150th in 19:50).

Representing other schools were Alisse Niewoehner of KV, who placed sixth in 12:58, and teammate Amelia Hoffman-Buczek, who was 14th in 13:33. Raini Gratner of KV was 22nd in 13:48, Addison Johnson of KV finished 28th in 14:02, Liza Allen of West Central was 37th in 14:15 and KV’s Natalee Walker placed 38th in 14:15. KV’s Keeley DeKock was 83rd for the Kougars in 15:54.

South Newton’s Savannah Holdren was 134th in 18:04, KV’s Karlie Gray placed 137th in 18:18 and Kierra Jones was 155th in 21:02 for the Lady Rebels.

The RCMS boys’ team had plenty of top finishes in its divisional races, with eighth-grader Tristen Wuethrich placing 10th overall in his race in 10:51. A total of 145 runners compete in the eighth-grade race.

Elijah Stenberg of West Lafayette won the eighth-grade race in 10:00. That time was the best of all 400+ male competitors on Saturday.

Other scorers for the Bombers, who were third in the eighth-grade team race with 118 points, included Dalton Henry (12th in 11:04), Zach Geleott (21st in 11:24), DJ Hanford (52nd in 12:14) and Nolan Potts (68th in 12:38).

Cassius Pulver was 76th in 12:45, Harrison Odle placed 88th in 13:02, Zane Nelson was 81st in 13:03, Carter Drone placed 94th in 13:20, Nolan Conrad was 97th in 13:28, Adam Messman placed 111th in 14:07, Eric Baugh was 125th in 15:28, Oscar Murillo placed 137th in 17:18 and Reece Maciejewski was 145th in 22:34.

Other local competitors to finish were Luke Bristol of KV (44th in 12:01), Xavier DeLapaz-Marino of KV (79th in 12:47), Caden Adams of KV (80th in 12:49), Zach Curtis of KV (103rd in 13:50), Nate Duttlinger of KV (105th in 13:55), Jonathon Guthrey of KV (131st in 15:52), and Simon Drenth of North Newton (134th in 16:48).

One hundred, fifth-nine runners competed in the boys’ seventh-grade race, with Ethan Earnhardt of KVMS the top local finisher. He placed fourth in 11:01.

Rensselaer’s top finisher was Briar Rule, who was 26th in 11:56. Bomber teammates who competed included Treyton Maciejewski (39th in 12:24), Tom VanHoose (47th in 12:35), Trent Walter (48th in 12:35), Danny Marlow (57th in 12:51), Reece Boring (69th in 13:05), Darian Moore (92nd in 13:26), Devin Olson (102nd in 14:07) and Luke Housman (148th in 18:31).

Other local runners competing were Jeremiah Jones of KVMS (20th in 11:47), Josiah Rodriguez of West Central (24th in 11:55), Landon Gutwein of West Central (36th in 12:17), Brock Maple of KVMS (72nd in 13:07), Zeke Gonzalez of South Newton (76th in 13:12), Ethan Kelly of KV (97th in 14:00), Jake Pilarski of West Central (111th in 14:29), Luke Hoskins of South Newton (144th in 17:37), Joe Bedard of KV (156th in 20:33) and Mason Wilson of North Newton (157th in 21:36).

RCMS’s sixth-grade boys’ group competed in the 163-runner race, placing seventh in the team standings. KVMS was third overall.

Oden VanHoose was the top finisher for the Bombers, placing sixth in 12:04. He was followed on the team scorecard by Tyger Woodke (17th in 12:33), Elijah Armold (36th in 13:21), Isaac Messman (64th in 14:10) and Jack Boer (117th in 18:01).

Conner Davisson (132 in 18:35) and Rowan Michael (140th in 17:03) also competed for the Bombers.

Other local competitors included Adam Castleberry of KVMS (14th in 12:27), Jorge Flores of KV (15th in 12:28), Anthony Ruvalcaba (19th in 12:35), Marshall Kunz of South Newton (22nd in 12:44), Conner Bunger of West Central (23rd in 12:44), Andrew Mcauliffe of KV (30th in 13:00), Brady Sampson of KV (41st in 13:40), Tristan Smith of KV (71st in 14:18), Daniel Springsteen of South Newton (82nd in 14:32), Ryan Bell of KV (93rd in 14:47), Sebastian Lopez of KV (101st in 15:12), Nicolai DeLapaz-Marino of KV (116th in 16:01), Levi Smith of West Central (121st in 16:08), Luke Lukasic of KV (123rd in 16:13), Thomas Ketchem of KV (125th in 16:22), Addison Huber of West Central (143rd in 17:30) and Cale Wangen of KV (153rd in 18:50).