Hickman a regional favorite


RCHS senior Eli Hickman, who is ranked first at the East Chicago Semistate at 138 pounds, is a favorite to win his second straight regional title Saturday.

LOGANSPORT — Several local wrestlers are in position to snare semistate bids at Saturday’s Logansport Regional.

The top four wrestlers from each division advance to the East Chicago Semistate at the conclusion of Saturday’s meet.

Here is a look at the pairings involving local competitors:

106 LBS.

Mikkel Cunningham, North Newton, soph (23-5) vs. Joey Agree, Lafayette Harrison, sr. (12-11) … Mason Stanley, Rensselaer Central, frosh (17-6) vs. Calvin Pickerill, Lafayette Central Catholic, soph (29-9)

113 LBS.

Cohen Craig, Rensselaer Central, frosh (30-12) vs. Eden Yang, Faith Christian, soph (21-6)

120 LBS.

Blake Whaley, South Newton, soph (19-9) vs. Brad McCain, Lafayette McCutcheon, sr. (21-17).

126 LBS.

Lakin Webb, Rensselaer Central, soph (27-7) vs. Jeremiah Robles, McCutcheon, jr. (16-23) … Kane Sell, South Newton, frosh (8-5) vs. Jordan Lear, West Lafayette, frosh (30-10) … Tristen Sizemore, West Central, frosh (21-11) vs. Johnny Synesael, Attica, sr. (26-8).

132 LBS.

Braden Nuest, West Central, jr. (25-4) vs. Dave Devaney, Faith Christian, sr. (31-2) … Coby Johns, Rensselaer Central, sr. (34-4) vs. Garson Matney, McCutcheon, sr. (27-16).

138 LBS.

Eli Hickman, Rensselaer Central, sr. (36-1) vs. Colby Widner, Delphi, sr. (24-5) … Zion Rodriguez, West Central, frosh (17-14) vs. Matthew Bayley, Harrison, jr. (25-6).

145 LBS.

Luke Ulrich, Tri-County, sr. (27-10) vs. KJ Poindexter, West Lafayette, sr. (35-0) … Kyle Carter, Rensselaer Central, jr. (29-3) vs. Garrett Watkins, Seeger, sr. (28-13).

152 LBS.

Dylan Olive, North Newton, jr. (22-7) vs. Jayce Flannelly, West Lafayette, sr. (32-6).

160 LBS.

Ryan Crews, Rensselaer Central, soph (15-14) vs. Austin Leon, Lafayette Jeff, sr. (20-16) … Elijah Duranleau, North Newton, jr. (19-6) vs. Peter Brown, Lafayette Central Catholic, sr. (21-14).

170 LBS.

Dane Smith, South Newton, sr. (29-3) vs. Mac Smart, Faith Christian, jr. (22-2).

182 LBS.

Colin Wagner, North Newton, sr. (23-1) vs. Braden Oliver, Delphi, sr. (17-15).

195 LBS.

Pierce Taylor, Rensselaer Central, sr. (30-8) vs. Daniel Hurja, Faith Christian, sr. (23-9).

220 LBS.

Jordan Cree, Rensselaer Central, frosh (25-15) vs. Jacob Raub, Lafayette Jeff, jr. (36-3) … Griffin McIlvain, West Central, sr. (20-7) vs. Clayton Kelley, Attica, jr. (27-10).

285 LBS.

Matt Barry, North Newton, soph (21-7) vs. Mariere Omonode, West Lafayette, soph (12-4).

8 for KV at

Crown Point

CROWN POINT — Kankakee Valley will send seven wrestlers to the Crown Point Regional on Saturday, including three freshmen, a sophomore and two juniors. Joining them is lone senior Jason Celario at 182 pounds. (NOTE: Grant DeYoung was notified by regional officials that he is eligible to compete at 126 pounds after another wrestler dropped out.)

Here is a look at the Kougars’ regional match-ups:

113 LBS.

Caleb Solomey, KVHS, frosh (27-8) vs. Stefan Vitello, Valparaiso, soph (31-7)

120 LBS.

Cole Solomey, KVHS, frosh (32-2) vs. Sean Angil Mitchell, LaPorte, jr. (24-15)

126 LBS.

Grant DeYoung, KVHS, frosh (3-11) vs. Aidan Torres, Chesterton, frosh (36-3)

145 LBS.

Tyler Tillema, KVHS, jr. (29-9) vs. Jack Thursby, Valparaiso, jr. (35-13)

152 LBS.

Caleb Swallow, KVHS, frosh (18-15) vs. Cade Johnson, Chesterton, jr. (37-5)

170 LBS.

Aiden Sneed, KVHS, jr. (34-3) vs. Michael Rodriguez, New Prairie, soph (22-12)

182 LBS.

Jason Celorio, KVHS, sr. (18-7) vs. Jaden Browder, LaPorte, jr. (32-7)

220 LBS.

JD Jonkman, KVHS, soph (26-11) vs. Joshua Brewer, New Prairie, soph (29-11)