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A lot of Democrats have come down with a malady the president calls “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

How else do you explain all of these folks calling for the House to begin impeachment proceedings?

Just look at Elizabeth Warren.

“I get that this is politically tough,” she said at a town hall in Fort Wayne this week. “But some things are bigger than politics. This matters for our democracy — not just now, but under the next president, and the next president, and the next president.”

She said she had read the more than 400 pages in the special counsel’s report and had reached the inescapable conclusion President Donald J. Trump simply had to be impeached.

“If he were any other person in the United States, based on what is documented in that report, he would be carried out in handcuffs.”

And people in the audience actually cheered.

Other Democratic presidential candidates have the same affliction.

Kamala Harris said starting impeachment proceedings was “our constitutional obligation,” and Cory Booker called it “a legal and moral obligation.”

Republicans would never act like this.

Just imagine if Barack Obama were still in office, and a special counsel had spent two years investigating whether the Russians interfered in his election.

You know darn good and well Republicans in Congress wouldn’t be demanding President Obama be impeached. They’d get on with the business of governing, just like they did when President Obama actually was in office.

Republicans wouldn’t have gotten all bent out of shape just because President Obama asked the director of the FBI to go easy on an investigation into a key member of his administration. And if that FBI director actually pushed ahead with the investigation, and the president fired him, well, Republicans would have taken that in stride.

And if some key members of President Obama’s campaign committee had met with a Russian operative promising dirt on his election opponent, Republicans absolutely would have maintained their composure. There’s no chance they would have started jumping up and down and shouting, even after it came out that President Obama himself had helped to put together a cover story about that meeting.

And listen, if President Obama had become the first president in half a century to win election without releasing his tax returns, there’s just no way Republicans would have gotten all huffy about it.

And when his disgraced lawyer revealed that President Obama was trying to negotiate a business deal in Russia in the midst of the presidential campaign, Republicans would have understood making deals is what business moguls do, and they would have put their energy into reaching across the aisle to push through legislation that was important to the American people.

There is just no chance they would have gone after President Obama’s tax returns.

And look, if President Obama had worked with his buddy at the National Enquirer to cover up an affair with a Playboy playmate, Republicans would have politely looked the other way. They would have remained calm, even when it turned out he had also paid off a porn actor named Stormy Daniels.

And when somebody outrageously suggested that payments like these might actually constitute campaign finance violations, Republicans would simply have changed the subject.

They would have remained focused on infrastructure and maybe even health care reform.

And when they found out that the FBI had actually started investigating some of this stuff in the middle of the campaign, Republicans would not have started hassling people involved in the Obama campaign. They would have demanded an investigation of the investigators.

You believe that, right?

Kelly Hawes is a columnist for the Kokomo Tribune.