INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Two men convicted of fatally shooting a woman and her boyfriend while the couple's three children slept nearby have been sentenced to more than 100 years in prison.

Antonio Putman, 25, was sentenced Friday in Marion Superior Court to 130 years in prison, while Brian Freeman, 43, received a 110-year sentence for the murders.

Prosecutors say Putman orchestrated the killings of Tiffany Farral and Donsha Jones out of revenge after Jones robbed Putman in the fall of 2005 of marijuana and shot at him from a car.

After the robbery, prosecutors said Putman told several witnesses he planned to shoot Jones and everyone with him.

In the Feb. 8, 2006, attack, Putman and Freeman pried open the door of the couple's house and stood at the foot of the bed and fired more than a dozen rounds from two handguns at the sleeping couple, prosecutors said.

Jones, 26, was pronounced dead at the scene of multiple gunshot wounds. Farral, 28, died in surgery at Methodist Hospital.

Farral's children Kanasha, now 12, Kania, 9, and Darmon, 6, were not injured in the attack. They now live with their grandmother and still are learning to cope with the murders of their mother and the man they regarded as their stepfather.

“That's going to scar them for life,” said Farral's mother, Valerie Farral-Gilbert.

After the shootings, a 911 call was placed in which Farrall and Kanasha alternately pleaded for help. The recording of that call was played last month during Putman and Freeman's trial.

Farrall first cries out: “Help me! Somebody shot me!”

After a moment, Kanasha got on the line and the girl pleaded calmly for an ambulance.

“Could you please come down here. My mama and my stepdad just got shot. … Could you please hurry up, because I'm very nervous.”