Bill Prater

Bill Prater

RENSSELAER — It’s been three weeks since Bill Prater, of Rensselaer, was last seen floating on the Iroquois River with two other individuals. He was reported missing by his family on July 15.

The two individuals who were with Prater prior to his disappearance were questioned by police. They said they were separated from Prater at some point during the rafting trip, police said.

Prater was last seen northeast of Rensselaer at County Road 100 South, east of U.S. 231. One Facebook post said Prater’s wallet, phone and t-shirt were found in his mailbox.

According to the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department, searches of the Iroquois River Basin were conducted by the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department, Indiana Department of Conservation, Lake County Sheriff’s Office and the White County Sheriff’s Office last week. The searches included walking, kayaking, air support (including a helicopter and UAV) and sonar.

Volunteers are now willing to pick up that search. According to the “Help find Bill Prater” Facebook page, a search party is being organized by friends of Prater. Continue to watch the Facebook page for more details.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Prater are asked to contact the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office at 219-866-7344.