WOLCOTT — A common theme was reiterated through much of the Tri-County Board meeting earlier this month, with all the principals giving brief updates about their schools.

That theme was pride, thankfulness, spirit and achievement. The board members also repeated those same praises.

Shawn McCracken, the junior/senior high school assistant principal, said, “We are just totally blown away by the teachers’ and the students’ abilities to adapt in the current situation. I am highly impressed by the spirit of our community that we continue to see week after week, from sponsoring seniors to supporting our staff and students in a way that is remarkable.”

High School Principal J.R. Haskins shared the most information from graduation updates, to policy changes for the upcoming school year.

“Even when things may seem negative, I try to see the positives and what our school is doing is positive,” he said. “We are stepping outside of our comfort zones and making it work. Hats off to our students, because they really are the ones who are having to adapt from what they have known as normal.

“It is important to me to make sure we continue to highlight their achievements over the last year and for the seniors the 12 years in the making.”

The high school created a small committee with teachers, students and administration to address the school handbook and policy. There will be changes for the 2020-2021 school year, such as dress code, attendance, drug testing and more.

“This may be something that we will have to make addendums to as the year goes on and we see how the pandemic plays out,” Superintendent Patrick Culp said. “We may have to make changes for students if they have to self quarantine, and that may effect our attendance. Same goes for masks; we don’t know if they will be required for students to come back. As of now our policy states no face coverings. These will be things that we will have to address as they come.”

In other news:

  • Tri-County school district will be raising lunch prices 10 cents to remain compliant with federal guidelines. Tri-County Elementary School’s new meal cost will be $2.80, and grades 7-12 will be $2.90. Karla Buntin said she uses the federal guideline formula to calculate the amounts. “Really, the number should be over $3 but the minimum we can raise it is 10 cents. This is something that I imagine would raise each year. It has every year since I can remember.”
  • The corporation is looking for bids to have roof work completed. There are several areas on the high school building that are in need of repair. The board hopes that opening the jobs up to bids will help the the corporation receive competitive quotes.
  • The high school gym floor will also be seeing an update. The board approved the refurbishing of the 20-year-old floor. According to Culp, there have been multiple times where it has been resealed or had small repairs. “I think at this point it is a good idea to bring it back to the original wood and start fresh,” he said. “It just seems like the sealing isn’t sticking right and it’s peeling and creating more issues. This is something that we have already budgeted. We just have to decide if we will go with water based or oil-based sealing.”
  • The board approved Matt Hall to serve a four-year term for the Wolcott Library Community Board.