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WHEATFIELD — At the second January meeting of the Kankakee Valley School Board, Superintendent Don Street gave an update on the progress at the high school’s Outdoor Athletic Project. Street told the board Gariup Construction was doing some repairs to the artificial turf.

He said the track and field had been surveyed incorrectly and it was discovered that the track is not wide enough. Its curb has been corrected and the asphalt is down; however, they are dependent on the weather for the completion of the track. He later explained, “We were planning on using the track this season. Mr. John Gray (KVHS athletic director) is making plans to utilize the Kankakee Valley Middle School track.”

In order to finish the track, the weather has to be above 50° for rubberizing, and has to stay above that temperature for several days. Afterwards, there is a 14-day cure time.

He also reported Gough Construction is working on the varsity softball field, which is expected to be ready for the 2021 season. The outfield grass needs continued seeding and the infield is “very high tech” with plans for the water to drain off instead of draining into the ground. There was a problem with the dugouts, which had the expansion joints cut in the wrong areas, causing cracks in the concrete and block.

Street said the design called for a larger gap from the wall to the roof to allow for airflow. He also said they were having issues with the drainage in the junior varsity fields.

“All construction projects have flaws. The construction companies have been responsive in correcting the mistakes when discovered. As with any outdoor project, the weather conditions have a lot to do with the completion of the project. The softball field was not scheduled to be playable until the 2021 season. Therefore, the softball field and junior varsity fields are still on schedule,” Street explained later.

“The positives far out number the negatives with the project. As with any project, we all desire for the project to be completed ahead of schedule and without mistakes,” he continued.

Also at that meeting, the board approved the purchase of 100 desktop computers with Windows 10 operating systems for a cost of $31,112. The desktop computers will replace older office and teacher workstations throughout the corporation where computers with Windows 7 are currently in use. Window 7 support ends this year.

The board also approved the purchase of enhanced software for the Officewatch phone system for $7,550. Officewatch allows for enhanced 911 reporting among its other offerings.

NITCO will provide fiber optic cable to connect the half-time building to the existing network at the high school for a cost of $7550.

KV Music Booster member Dan Fagen gave the board information on the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) competitions, which will be held at the KV Middle School on Saturday, Feb. 8. Both high school and middle school students from several area schools will be attending. He approximated 1,300 students will be competing in solo and ensemble contests. There will be over 19 judges and numerous volunteers helping with the all day competitions. He thanked the corporation for the well-maintained facility and said they have received many compliments about the building at past competitions.

Three new courses were approved for the high school, to be added in the 2020-2021 school year. AP Drawing will be offered to juniors and seniors and is a full year art class requiring two semesters in an art medium and teacher approval. Emergency Medical Services will be offered to 12th grade only with Health Science I, Anatomy and Physiology as prerequisites for the course, the latter can be taken concurrently. The course is a full year four-credit course. Aviation operations will be offered to 11 and 12th graders. It is a full year course and there are no prerequisites. It is also a four-credit course.