Shorty’s Marathon is still a big hit

Photo by Nick Fiala

The parking lot of the Marathon gas station along SR 231 in Rensselaer, also known as “Shorty’s Marathon,” was packed Friday afternoon for a Customer Appreciation Day event. Locals could fill their tank and have a good time with free food, raffles, giveaways and games. Owner Sanjib “Shorty” Mohanty spent much of that afternoon in motion, rushing from one end of the store or the parking lot to the other to help customers, welcome vendors or just say hello to the people he ran into. Some of those people included volunteer firefighters from Rensselaer and Wheatfield, who brought one of the Rensselaer Fire Department trucks to sit in the parking lot during the event. Rensselaer firefighter Logan Ritter said they were there to support Mohanty since he has often showed great support for them, such as by providing water for them to rehydrate while fighting a fire. Vendors at the store included the Hoosier Lottery and local radio stations. Whether they were coming for the free food, the games, or just to get some gas from Shorty, it was a successful day of appreciation and fun activities for everyone all around.