Remington's old depot

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Remington’s old depot received a makeover in 2019 that helped beautify the downtown area.

REMINGTON — The Remington Town Council voted to reopen the town hall to the general public and the Remington Depot will begin accepting rental applications June 15.

According to Town Manager, Jonathan Cripe, the town is close to finishing the window as well as the wall that will now separate the employees from the public. The project was decided to be constructed during the April Town Council Meeting due to the Coronavirus Pandemic concern. The construction has been completed in-house by Remington town employees and is a tool the town hopes will keep the employees healthy and make the residents feel safe when entering the town hall.

Remington Council Vice President Jim Stewart said he did not want anyone to feel like they were forced to return to the office if concerns of safety are still present.

The other council members all agreed they want everyone to feel comfortable coming to work and urged employees to share their concerns if they have any.

During the June Council meeting on Zoom, many employees said they are ready to return to the office. They said there is plenty of office space to social distance. While there will be other department employees entering and exiting the office, the town council feels confident that employees and residents will feel comfortable walking into the town hall with the new changes.

“We will continue to be respectful and have good hygiene and have all cleaning supplies readily available,” President Susie Flickner said. “It’s an easy solution and still very effective. I feel confident in the work that has taken place (inside the town hall building) and there is plenty of space for our employees to continue social distancing. The employees and the public should feel safe when they are here.”